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  • Hemp Fiber: Naturally Standing the Test of Time

    Garry Atkinson May 13, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Fit, style, color, and price are just a few things to consider when finding the right clothing. Have you ever found that perfect shirt or dress to add to your wardrobe—only to experience durability issues after a few washes? You are not alone in experiencing clothing that doesn’t last quite as long as you’d like […]

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  • Graphene: The Miracle Material

    Guest April 12, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Graphene, a much-touted miracle material, was only discovered in 2004. Since then, it has permeated many different industries with products and solutions that deliver improved performance or new and innovative capabilities. Now, just a short time after its discovery, it’s beginning to make its way into textiles and apparel. What the Heck Is Graphene? Discovered […]

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  • Medical Textiles: More Than Just Stitches

    Carrie Gray April 11, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Many people have been stitched up with sutures after accidents and surgeries. Many of the sutures used today are dissolving sutures, like polyglycolic acid (PGA)—used commonly in dentistry. Dissolving sutures are more than just convenient, they also often aid in cell regeneration. Some materials used in sutures help by promoting collagen growth as they are […]

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  • Growing Textiles

    Guest March 29, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Innovative yarns and fabrics created from materials such as seaweed and fungi can be sustainable, biodegradable, and even vegan. Fungi are being grown into compostable packaging and sheets of supple, leather-like materials. Seaweeds are harvested to make into fibers and eco-friendly dyes. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest innovations. Fungi Mycelium […]

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  • Lead and Influence Through AATCC Committees

    Diana Wyman March 8, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Do you ever feel like a small fish in a really big textile pond? Attending AATCC committee meetings is a great way to get some perspective AND to make sure your voice is heard when it comes to test methods, educational programs, and more. You get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s new in the textile […]

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  • The Impact of AI on the Textile Industry

    Guest February 21, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    A few years ago, the term “artificial intelligence” or AI was reserved mainly for science fiction movies. Today, AI is all around us. From self-driving cars to social media monitoring to that virtual assistant you just had a conversation with on a retailer’s website, AI is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. The […]

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  • AATCC: Global by Design

    Erika Simmons February 9, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC is a global organization. Members come from across the textile industry and from around the world. AATCC standards are developed, specified, and performed around the world. AATCC standards adhere to the World Trade Organization (WTO) guidelines on international standards under the agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. The WTO defines six principles for the […]

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  • The Talent Recruitment Conundrum

    Guest January 26, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Even before the pandemic, talent recruitment in the broader textile and apparel industry was a challenge. And the pandemic made it even more challenging. In many areas of the industry, talent is aging out and retiring, and their in-depth skills and knowledge are going with them. At the same time, younger talent often thinks of […]

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  • The Rise of Vegan Fashion

    Guest December 28, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    In a consumer survey carried out by The Vegan Society, almost 50% of customers preferred to have vegan-verified products across all clothing categories. Consequently, more and more retailers are offering vegan and eco-friendly fashion items to target this growing customer base The term ‘vegan’ has in recent times evolved to describe not only plant-based diets, […]

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  • AATCC Welcomes New Officers

    Diana Wyman December 28, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    January brings new beginnings for everything, including AATCC committees. Many administrative and research committees welcome new officers this month. Others are welcoming back officers who signed on for an additional term. These dedicated volunteers are the power behind all that AATCC does to connect, educate, and strengthen the textile industry. Several committees are still seeking […]

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  • Early Deadlines for Top Textile Scholarships

    Diana Wyman December 28, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    The AATCC Foundation provides more than US$100,000 in scholarships and grants to students studying fields related to textile arts and sciences. Some of the highest value scholarships have deadlines as early as February 1. Students can complete one simple application on the AATCC Foundation website to be considered for all available scholarships and fellowships. Twenty […]

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  • Nominations Open for AATCC Awards

    Diana Wyman December 14, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC presents several prestigious awards each year, along with thousands of dollars in honoraria. Some awards were established to recognize outstanding achievers in the textile sciences, whose discoveries influence the world. Others recognize AATCC members for service to the Association that has strengthened and promoted its purpose and mission to the world. Nominate a deserving […]

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