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  • 3d Size Standards Impact Sustainability, Brand Messaging, and the Bottom Line

    Guest September 27, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Rich folks have it easy. Those with the means can go to their couturier or tailor and have everything from evening gowns and bespoke tuxes to everyday career ensembles (assuming one has to actually “work”) created to fit their bodies flawlessly, assuring that they always look their best. As technology evolves, even the prices of […]

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  • When Do AATCC Scales REALLY Need to Be Replaced?

    Diana Wyman September 19, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    The scales used by textile testing labs are carefully designed and checked for consistency, but they can change with time, exposure, and handling. Follow the guidelines below to ensure repeatable evaluations using AATCC scales. Most scales should be replaced annually, but some can last longer, especially with regular verification. Gray Scales AATCC EP1 Gray Scale […]

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  • The Digital Showroom is No Longer Optional

    Guest September 2, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    In a pre-pandemic world, only pioneering digitally advanced brands such as UnderArmour were deploying digital showroom platforms alongside virtual selling platforms, and digital asset management solutions. Wherever possible, such early adopters aspired to include 3D product “digital twins” to reduce sales sample costs while also improving marketplace efficiencies by providing internal teams (public relations, marketing, […]

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  • Making AATCC Methods More Meaningful

    Diana Wyman August 10, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC test methods help your supply chain make quicker, more informed decisions. It’s no secret that standardized test methods are incredibly detailed. Some might even say overwhelming—with entire sections for terminology, calculations, and statistics. Believe it or not, there are no wasted words. Every section of a test method, evaluation procedure, or other standard has […]

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  • The Story of Lace

    Guest July 25, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Over the last five centuries, lace has become a symbolic ornament for celebrations such as christenings and weddings. It has also developed associations with style, wealth and sensuality. Despite its long history, lace remains popular in today’s fashion and textile industries. As an intricate fabric consisting of holes surrounded by thread, lace has always been […]

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  • AATCC Announces More Foundation Scholarship Winners

    Diana Wyman July 14, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC Foundation Scholarships help fund over 20 students in their collegiate journey each year. These scholarships are helping fund the future of the textile industry. This year, 26 recipients were awarded more than $90,000 in scholarship and fellowship funds for the fall 2022/spring 2023 semesters. If you would like to fund a scholarship and make […]

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  • You Animal! (A Look at How Textiles Are Used in Animal Healthcare)

    Guest June 28, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    While there’s no denying the healthcare textile market for humans is a booming business, the same can certainly be said for those of the four-legged population. In fact, researchers estimate the veterinary equipment and disposables market to reach $2.4 billion by 2023. Through organizations like Milliken & Co., fabrics are being used to add extra […]

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  • Outdoor Industry Addresses Ocean Pollution

    Diana Wyman June 21, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    From microscopic fragments to miles-wide piles of trash, plastics in the oceans have been big news. And the textile industry is responding. Many of the innovations and initiatives around reducing ocean pollution were on display at the recent Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Denver, CO, USA. Fiber Fragments As 4ocean Director of Sales Brenton Schulze said, […]

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  • AATCC 2022 Mid-Year Standards Supplement

    Erika Simmons June 13, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC publishes standards that have been approved since the new year release of the AATCC Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures. The standards will be available for download from the AATCC website on July 1, 2022. The revised test methods are as follows: TM15-2021e Test Method for Colorfastness to Perspiration TM209-2019e Test Method for […]

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  • AATCC Board Nominations

    Diana Wyman May 31, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    The AATCC nominating committee presents the following candidates for 2023-2024 Board of Directors roles. Senior members will receive a ballot for their designated region and interest group in September. Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting, preceding the Technical Committee on Research (TCR) meeting in November 2022. To verify or update your voting […]

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  • The Champion of Textile Sustainability

    Guest May 31, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Ray C. Anderson’s legacy as a champion of textile sustainability continues to have value today. Making textile sustainability a priority isn’t easy. Textile companies have struggled to implement sustainable development principles into the creation of their products, which can involve major changes in manufacturing practices. This encompasses all aspects of the supply chain and includes […]

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  • Hemp Fiber: Naturally Standing the Test of Time

    Garry Atkinson May 13, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Fit, style, color, and price are just a few things to consider when finding the right clothing. Have you ever found that perfect shirt or dress to add to your wardrobe—only to experience durability issues after a few washes? You are not alone in experiencing clothing that doesn’t last quite as long as you’d like […]

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