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  • Digital Twins: The New Digital Frontier in Fashion

    Guest May 7, 2024 AATCC Newsletter

    Digital Twins: The New Digital Frontier in Fashion In a landscape defined by increasing production costs, shifting consumer preferences, evolving social consciousness, and the proliferation of e-commerce platforms, the fashion industry has increasingly turned to digitization to remain competitive and relevant. From virtual reality fitting rooms to blockchain-enabled supply chains, digital technologies are reshaping how […]

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  • Workin’ for a Living

    Guest April 22, 2024 AATCC Newsletter

    Construction, mining, and drilling for oil and gas are some of the messiest and most dangerous jobs out there. For this reason, anyone working in those fields needs protective clothing that works and won’t fail. While traits like fire resistance and durability continue to be key, a greater need for comfort, durability, sustainability, and size […]

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  • Twist and Shout!

    Guest March 6, 2024 AATCC Newsletter

      How fabrics help amusement parks create an amazing experience.   While materials like steel, wood, and plastic play dominant roles in the construction and design of amusement parks, fabrics are present in more ways than you might think.   From high-resolution digital printed textile backdrops to create immersive scenery to costumes specially designed for […]

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  • A Textile Tapestry for the Animal Kingdom

    Guest January 30, 2024 AATCC Newsletter

    From early alliances formed for survival to the companionships that eventually evolved, animals have played an integral role in shaping the narrative of human existence. One tangible expression of this bond is the textiles we use to adorn, comfort, and protect animals. This article explores the rich tapestry of textiles and textile innovations that underscore […]

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  • The Great Outdoors

    Guest January 4, 2024 AATCC Newsletter

    How outdoor brands are prioritizing sustainability, measuring progress and communicating results. Shared experiences and values across a wide range of outdoor activities have established a strong sense of community throughout the outdoor industries, transcending national frontiers. Allied to the evolution of awareness regarding threats to the natural environment, this community spirit has led to shared views […]

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  • Reshoring, Nearshoring, and Friendshoring

    Guest December 6, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    During the pandemic, the frailties of traditional supply chains were clearly exposed, resulting in significant disruptions across almost all industries around the globe. As we exited the pandemic, brands and retailers were still struggling to find a balance between time, cost, and quality as they worked to restructure supply chains and bring their infrastructure into […]

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  • Digital Fabric Printing: The Entrepreneurial Opportunity

    Guest November 17, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    With the increasing number of digital fabric printing solutions now on the market and their high quality, affordability and ease of use, there is growing opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the market, starting their own businesses and providing unique services for their brand and designer clients. Raspberry Creek Fabrics is one such business. Founded by […]

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  • Sneak Peek: How Can Slow Fashion Win the Fashion Race?

    Guest October 24, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    (The following feature is an excerpt from the feature article in the November/December 2023 issue of AATCC Review. If you are an AATCC member, download your copy of the magazine to read the entire feature.) While 80 billion ‘fast fashion’ garments are produced every year, 30% of clothing purchases are never worn. Furthermore, most clothes […]

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  • Near-Shoring and the Future of the Textile Industry

    Guest September 19, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    In recent years, the textile industry has been undergoing significant changes. A tough lesson many apparel brands learned through the Covid-19 pandemic is that inexpensive but distant production and jammed ports of entry can wreak havoc on production timelines, inventory levels, and time to market. Further complicating the matter, the new prevalence of work-from-home and […]

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  • Are Nanotechnology Textiles Sustainable?

    Guest September 18, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    Millie is 20. She’s quite the purveyor of fast fashion. But she’s also a conscious consumer.  And as a matter of fact, she’s also into nano-coated wearables. Nano-coatings are thin films in the nanoscale range (around 1-100 nm) that are applied to surfaces to enhance various features such as antibacterial and anti-fouling capabilities, corrosion resistance, […]

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  • Shape the Textile Industry

    Diana Wyman September 6, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    Passion matters! Everyone interested in “an innovative, informed, and sustainable future” for the global textile community can make an impact by participating in AATCC committees. AATCC has provided standards development, testing materials, educational resources, and professional networking to the global textile industry for more than a century. And it’s all done by volunteers! Committee meetings […]

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  • Project Updates from AATCC Research Committees

    Erika Simmons August 30, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC is an international standards organization, following the Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations defined by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The first of these principles is Transparency—keeping members and the industry informed of standards-related projects. The second is Openness—interested parties are welcome to participate in all aspects of the standard development process. […]

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