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Undergraduate Scholarships

  • AATCC Corporate Member Scholarship

    The AATCC Corporate Member Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship available to children of AATCC corporate member employees.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship (Auburn University)

    Rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors attending Auburn University are eligible for the $8,000 Gavin Family Scholarship.

    Deadlines: 02/01/2022 -Learn More -Apply
  • Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship (Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors attending Georgia Institute of Technology are eligible for the $6,000 Gavin Family Scholarship.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Charles H. Stone Scholarship

    Four $6,000 scholarships are available to juniors and seniors at North Carolina State University and Clemson University.

    Deadlines: 02/15/2022 -Learn More -Apply
  • Darsey Family Scholarship

    The Darsey Family Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship available to students enrolled in a textile- and/or fashion-related program at a US university with an AATCC student chapter.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Delaware Valley Section Scholarship

    Members of the AATCC Delaware Valley Section (DE, MD, NJ, PA), as well as spouses, children, and grandchildren, are eligible for this $500 scholarship. Undergraduate students studying textiles at a school in the Delaware Valley section are also eligible.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Fibrous Materials Scholarship

    AATCC Foundation Fibrous Materials Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship intended for undergraduate students taking material science courses or programs associated with fibrous materials.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Donate -Apply
  • Gordon & Marjorie Osborne Scholarship

    The Gordon and Marjorie Osborne Scholarship is a $5,000 per year scholarship that supports students pursuing a career or coursework in textile engineering, textile chemistry, textile science or a related discipline.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Kanti & Hansa Jasani Family Scholarship

    The Kanti and Hansa Jasani Family Textile Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship available to Indian students, specifically Indian citizens with a student visa or with permanent residency, who are attending a US university.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Martin J. Bide University of Rhode Island Scholarship

    The Martin J. Bide University of Rhode Island Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship for undergraduate students studying Textile Fashion, Merchandising and Design at the University of Rhode Island.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Metro Scholarship

    A $3,000 scholarship for students attending schools with AATCC student chapters in New England, New York or New Jersey.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) Paul T. O’Day Scholarship

    To be eligible for the $5,000 Paul T. O’Day Scholarship, a parent or guardian must be employee of an NCTO member company and/or organization.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Piedmont Section Scholarship

    The AATCC Foundation Piedmont Section Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship available to students attending an educational institution in the AATCC Piedmont Section (VA, WV, NC, SC).

    Deadlines: 02/15/2022 -Learn More -Apply
  • Textile Chemistry Scholarship

    AATCC Foundation Textile Chemistry Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship for undergraduate students studying textile chemistry, polymers, color chemistry, or related topics.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Donate -Apply
  • Textile Design Scholarship

    AATCC Foundation Textile Design Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship for undergraduate students studying textiles, apparel, or home fashion design.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Donate -Apply
  • Textile Merchandising Scholarship

    The AATCC Foundation Textile Merchandising Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship for undergraduate students of textile merchandising, management, and retail programs.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Donate -Apply
  • Varley Family Textile Technology Scholarship

    AATCC Foundation’s Varley Family Textile Technology Scholarship is a $7,500 scholarship that supports students pursuing a textile-related career at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) or Cornell University.

    Deadlines: 02/15/2022 -Learn More -Apply
  • Western Region Scholarship

    This $2,000 scholarship supports undergraduate students studying a textile- or fashion-related field at a public college or university in the AATCC's Western Region, where an active AATCC student chapter exists.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Woodruff Textile Manufacturing Scholarship

    The Percy W. Woodruff Jr. Textile Manufacturing Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship supporting a non-traditional, undergraduate student at Clemson University.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply

Graduate Fellowships

  • Connelly/Perkins Graduate Fellowship

    AATCC Foundation Connelly/Perkins Graduate Fellowship is a $5,000 fellowship for PhD candidates at the Clemson University Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply
  • Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship

    A $5,000 fellowship for PhD candidates in Fiber and Polymer Science at the North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles.

    Deadlines: 03/31/2021 -Learn More -Apply

Research Grants

  • AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Grants

    Up to $4,000 per year in funding for undergraduate and graduate research in textile chemistry and on textile-related projects. Projects that involve laboratory and end-use correlation studies, wet processing research, and other topics identified by the Foundation receive special priority.

    Deadlines: 09/30/2021 -Learn More -Apply

Foundation News

  • AATCC Foundation Joins the Centennial Celebration

    Debra Hibbard January 4, 2021 Foundation Newsletter

    January 2021 begins a year-long celebration commemorating AATCC’s 100th Anniversary! You can join in by supporting AATCC Foundation Inc., which was created almost three-quarters of a century later as the charitable arm of the Association. Consider a contribution in honor or in memory of someone who influenced your education and career in textiles or helped […]

    - Read More

    Debra Hibbard November 19, 2020 Foundation Newsletter

    This year has been a difficult one for college students. Some university campuses are closed, many courses are online rather than in-person, and student extracurricular activities are at a stand-still. For some students, COVID-19 has created a shift in the family dynamic, requiring that the student becomes the caregiver and breadwinner. The pandemic makes AATCC Foundation […]

    - Read More
  • NOVEMBER 1: AATCC Foundation Accepting Applications for Scholarships!

    Debra Hibbard October 26, 2020 Foundation Newsletter

    On November 1, AATCC Foundation will begin accepting scholarship and fellowship applications for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 academic year. The Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in textile-related programs at colleges and universities across the country.  Students can apply for multiple scholarships through a single online application form. Four […]

    - Read More

Foundation Contacts

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