Digital Printing Color Management and Evaluation

April 21, 2021

Digital Printing Color Management and Evaluation
Recorded April 21, 2021
Presented by Jiajun Liu, PhD, and Lisa Chapman, PhD, North Carolina State University

Digital printing is increasingly considered an important process in reproduction of colored substrates in the textile sector. Compared to conventional screen printing technologies, the advantages of digital textile printing include speed to market, short run capability, low waste production, high image resolution, and the capability for design features such as fine line detail, increased number of colors, photographic type imagery and freedom from repeats.

However, there remain challenges in digital textile printing, such as color matching, color fastness, and quality evaluation.

This presentation will introduce the color management process and quality evaluation methods of digital textile printing. Case studies and applications of testing methods will be shown. The challenge and future opportunities of digital textile printing will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:
How to create a digital workflow for knit, woven and printed, samples and prototypes
How to manage color for the knit, woven, and printed sample process
Simulation capabilities for knit design

Jiajun Liu, PhD, North Carolina State University
Jiajun Liu obtained a PhD degree in Textile Technology Management from NC State University in 2020. Prior to joining NC State, she obtained a Master’s degree in Apparel Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics in China. Her research focuses on color management and quality control and improvement in digital printing. She is a firm believer and advocate in sustainable technologies such as digital printing and their applications in textile industry. She is an active member of the AATCC and was a recipient of the AATCC Foundation Research Support Grant in 2019.

Lisa P Chapman, PhD, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
Dr. Lisa Chapman is University Faculty Scholar, Director of Graduate Programs, and an Associate Professor in Textile and Apparel Technology and Management at NC State University. Dr. Chapman’s research focuses on digital design technologies that aid the transition from design to manufacturing. Expertise in this area allows application of specialized knowledge to a broad spectrum of research such as integral knitting; digital printing; color calibration; CAD process modeling; 3D simulation of knitted, printed and woven fabrics; rapid prototyping; mass customization; and sustainable product design.

Dr. Chapman’s unique ability to bridge art and design with science and technology in engagement with industry has led to groundbreaking research in the areas of digital printing and knit product development. Dr. Chapman has aggressively pushed the use of digital technologies by developing computer aided design learning modules, creating The Digital Design and The Digital Manufacturing labs, and assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as large global corporations.

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