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The Art of Testing: Water Repellency ~ A Visual Guide to Performing AATCC Test Methods

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By Garry Atkinson, AATCC Technical Associate; Featuring illustrations by Garry Atkinson
Instructions adapted from AATCC TM 22-2017e Water Repellency: Spray Test

About TM22-2017e

AATCC TM22 is often used as a quick, low cost way to screen the water repellency of a fabric.

This test method is applicable to any textile fabric, which may or may not have been given a water-repellent finish. It measures the resistance of fabrics to wetting by water. It is especially suitable for measuring the water-repellent efficacy of finishes applied to fabrics.

Water sprayed against the taut surface of a test specimen under controlled conditions produces a wetted pattern, whose size depends on the relative repellency of the fabric. Evaluation is accomplished by comparing the wetted pattern with pictures on a standard chart.

Supplies for Conducting AATCC TM22-2017e

AATCC TM 22 Water Repellency: Spray Test

Purchase the testing supplies that you need to conduct AATCC TM22 efficiently at the AATCC Online Store  in the Water Repellency section.

Items for conducting AATCC Test Method 22:

  • 78385A: Spray Tester
  • 78387A: AATCC Photographic Spray Test Evaluation Scale
  • 78388A: Specimen-Mounting Hoop for Spray Tester
  • 78911A: Spray Tester Nozzle

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