UV Calibration

Spectrophotometer calibration is vital to accurate color measurement. And accurate measurement of textile color requires a textile standard.

The fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) used in textiles have different UV absorption properties than those used for plastics and other non-textile materials. Calibration with the AATCC textile standard improves inter-instrument agreement for textile measurements over calibration with the white plaque supplied by the spectrophotometer manufacturer.  When retailer, brand, and manufacturer numbers agree, everyone can be more confident in approval decisions!

Each shipment contains:

  • One certified textile UV calibration standard (TUVCS) with known CIE Whiteness value, traceable to a national standardizing lab
  • Certificate of Traceability
  • AATCC Evaluation Procedure 11: Spectrophotometer UV Energy Calibration Procedure for Optically Brightened Textiles

A single reference standard may be used to calibrate up to three instruments in the same facility.



Price $160.00

For questions about UV Calibration, please contact Carrie Gray.