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Use standard test methods and materials for meaningful evaluation. Check your lab’s performance with interlaboratory Proficiency Testing Programs. Improve color communication with textile UV Calibration standards.

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Testing Materials

AATCC provides numerous resources to support reliable textile testing. Shop the AATCC Online Store for official testing materials direct from the source. Or search the Buyer’s Guide for supplies from corporate member companies.

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AATCC Standards

AATCC test methods, procedures, and monographs are developed by research committees through research, testing, and discussion, often taking several years of work. Simplicity, reproducibility, applicability, cost to perform, and the time to perform are all important considerations. The content of many AATCC standards form the basis of equivalent ISO documents.

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Proficiency Testing Programs

Compare results with hundreds of other labs. AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP) support lab certification and continuous improvement initiatives. Samples are selected to provide consistent results in a meaningful range for each test method or evaluation procedure.

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AATCC also provides other programs and services to help labs with training, certification, and continuous improvement.

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Standard Laundering

Standard test methods require standardized equipment and materials. Laundering is no exception. To get consistent results for reliable decisions, use detergent, ballast, and washing machines that meet the specifications in AATCC test methods, procedures, and monographs.

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AATCC Technical Contacts

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