The AATCC Foundation Percy W Woodruff Jr Textile Manufacturing Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship supporting a non-traditional, undergraduate college student in Clemson University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).


  • Undergraduate
  • Clemson University Department of Materials Science and Engineering (see Selection Criteria note)
  • “Non-traditional student” –this could be any student who is disadvantaged in some sense: perhaps by race or ethnicity or perhaps by getting started in college in the wrong major and experiencing a low initial grade point ratio (GPR) that results in the student being ineligible for traditional financial assistance

Selection Criteria

  • Non-traditional student status (based on personal statement)
  • Financial need
  • Preference to students NOT in their final year before graduation
  • Textile manufacturing experience (e.g., internship or co-op)
  • Expectation of graduation in a reasonable time period

NOTE: If no eligible student from Clemson University MSE is identified, the funds will be provided to Gaston College in support of one or more student(s). Eligible Gaston College students will be identified directly by college faculty rather than through the online application process.


Applications due March 31. Recipients will be announced by May 30.

Applications must include:

  • Resume or letter of work experience (including internships)
  • Personal statement of 500 words or less, freely expressing interest in textile or related field, academic and professional aspirations, financial need and expectations, with particular emphasis on non-traditional status and intended career following graduation
  • Copy of your most recent transcripts

Complete the AATCC Foundation scholarship application form to be considered for this and other AATCC Foundation scholarships.

For questions, contact AATCC Foundation Inc at 919.549.3524 or email Debra Hibbard.

Percy W Woodruff Jr

The Woodruff Textile Manufacturing Scholarship is named for Percy W Woodruff Jr, who was a non-traditional university student. The oldest of five children, whose father achieved up to a 6th grade education, Percy worked many jobs in high school in order to pay his way to North Carolina State University. These jobs included stage managing for a Raleigh theater, textile manufacturing, and paper manufacturing. Despite the large number of jobs, the only way he could afford to complete his college education was through the GI Bill as a WWII veteran and income from his wife’s teaching career. After graduating from college with a degree in Textiles, he spent his career in the US textile industry, retiring from Burlington Industries.

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