Debra HibbardJune 24, 2020 Foundation Newsletter


 Margaux Ratcliff:  I am a fourth-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Materials Science and Engineering, with a concentration in Polymers and Fibers. After graduating with my Bachelors in MSE, I hope to obtain a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech, and ultimately work at a commercial company on synthetic fibers. At Georgia Tech, I am heavily involved in Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech (ORGT), which aims to make the great outdoors more accessible to the Georgia Tech community. We provide weekend trips in sports such as backpacking and whitewater kayaking, so that more people can experience the benefits and joy of getting outside. The Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship is a tremendous help in allowing me to continue forward to obtain my master’s degree. It has also come at a time when the financial situation of my family, as I am sure is the same as many other families, is less certain. I am incredibly grateful for the Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship as it is a great help in relieving my family’s financial burden and will allow me to focus more of my time solely on my studies. I am also excited to join next year’s AATCC International Conference and meet other like-minded people in the textile industry! I would like to thank AATCC for all the wonderful opportunities they have provided me.



My name is Katie Shealy. I am a rising Senior at Clemson University studying Materials Science and Engineering. I am the president of our Material Advantage Chapter, as well as an ambassador for the Materials Science and Engineering department. I love chemistry and problem solving, and I will be doing research this upcoming semester working with self-healing polymers. I am very grateful to be receiving the Darsey Family Scholarship, and I will be using it to ensure my place as a graduate in the class of 2021. This scholarship will enable me to complete my rigorous courses with less financial burden. I am hopeful to be able to attend graduate school and continue to find more research areas involving polymers and organic chemistry.



My name is Clyde Carpenter and I am a senior at The Fashion Institute of Technology, studying Textile Development & Marketing. It is an honor to receive the AATCC Fibrous Materials scholarship this year and I am truly grateful to AATCC Foundation for this investment in my future. For me, this scholarship represents recognition in the work that I have done and will allow me to devote more time and focus during my senior year of study. I am excited to finish my studies and begin my career in our industry. I would like to thank each and every member of AATCC, and I look forward to attending the International Conference next year in Charlotte.




My name is Alexis Hawkes. I am going to be a Junior at the University of Rhode Island this coming Fall 2020. I am very honored to be this year’s Martin J. Bide University of Rhode Island Scholarship recipient, and I look forward to continuing my passion in textile fashion, merchandise and design this fall. Growing up, I always loved expressing my creative side, especially through fashion. Fashion has been an outlet for me to help express who I am as a person. Additionally, winning this scholarship really helps me out financially. My parents did not go to college so for me to pursue my dreams as a first-generation student and receive help along the way means a lot to me and my future goals and career. As a recipient, I am very thrilled to learn more about the opportunities that AATCC offers.



Kushbu Jivan: As a rising sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I am incredibly privileged and lucky to experience the technical and creative sides of the textile industry first-hand. It allows me to delve into this ever- evolving industry while also staying close to my roots and my family’s history of working in the textile industry in India. As an independent student, the financial burden of college has taken a significant toll on my ambitions, but this scholarship will allow me to continue my education and take advantage of all the opportunities within this industry that are presented. I am incredibly grateful to the AATCC as well as FIT’s student chapter for facilitating this lifelong journey of mine.



Lauren Biggs: My sincere thanks the NCTO Paul T. O’Day Scholarship Committee for choosing me as this year’s recipient of the NCTO Paul T. O’Day Scholarship. Your generosity is truly humbling and greatly appreciated. I am currently enrolled in the University of South Carolina’s College of Engineering and Computing via their bridge program at Midland Technical College. Due to COVID-19 and all of the changes this pandemic has caused at universities and around the world, I decided to take advantage of the bridge program offered during my freshman year to save on tuition and allow myself time to move from Charlotte, NC to Columbia, SC early to establish residency for my sophomore year and beyond. Being awarded the Paul T. O’Day Scholarship will make a huge difference in my finances while I work to achieve my goal of becoming a creative problem solver, leader and innovator in the fiber industry just as Mr. O’Day was for so many years. Thank you again for this honor. I hope to one day give back to those who gave so much.



My name is Gretchen Friedman and I am a rising Junior at North Carolina State University. As a recipient of the 2020 Gordon and Marjorie Osborne Scholarship, I want to thank the Osborne Scholarship Committee for funding this scholarship. I look forward to having the opportunity to attend AATCC events this fall and participate in the organization in the future! I enjoy actively volunteering in my community, getting involved with campus clubs, spending time outdoors, and meeting new people! I am extremely grateful to have received the AATCC Foundation Gordon and Marjorie Osborne Scholarship. The generous amount will truly help me pay for my college expenses. I am thankful for your investment in AATCC Foundation and students like me.




Anna Marie Roth: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting an internship for this summer and a job in the following spring feels very unsure. I am still hoping to be able to work in a design team at a company before going to a grad program in Fall 2021. I hope to go to Parsons New School for Fashion Design and Society. I plan to move back to Portland and open a Boutique in Northeast, selling my designs, and working with customers to create clothing that makes them feel good and that lasts a long time.




Madeline Hall:  I will be attending the world-renowned Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University in Raleigh as a member of the University’s Scholars Program. I have always had an interest in the textile and apparel industries, and I am very excited to continue my education as a Textile major in the fall. I plan to combine all of my passions and investigate solutions to the problems of environmental, economic, and social sustainability in apparel and textiles. I am beyond grateful for what this scholarship has provided me, as receiving it has had a significant impact on lowering my tuition costs at NC State. With this scholarship, I plan to continue my academic success in the textile program, my participation in the arts and STEM programs, and my efforts to help others in my community through volunteering. I also plan to explore additional academic textile-related opportunities such as pursuing research, studying abroad, and working professional internships, all while striving to chase my passions and make the world a better place. Additionally, I am extremely appreciative for the International Conference invitation, AATCC student membership, and access to association benefits. Upon starting at NC State in the fall, I will also be joining the university’s AATCC chapter. I would like to thank the AATCC Foundation for all that they do for the textile industry, as well as their generous scholarship and support. I am truly honored to be this year’s AATCC Textile Merchandising Scholarship recipient and I will honor their support and be a positive representation of the AATCC community while at North Carolina State University.



Robert Hughes: I am a rising junior Fashion Textiles Management Major minoring in Polymer Color Chemistry at NC State in the Wilson College of Textiles. I hope to have a career in product development and having knowledge of chemistry is vital in creating the best possible product. The chemistry behind textile production amazes me still, and with today’s high demand for sustainability, many new opportunities and challenges will come about. I am honored to be awarded this scholarship that will help me to continue learning chemistry and help me to face these challenges.




 Chloe Goldman is a current junior at Cornell University majoring in Fiber Science and Minoring in Design and Environmental Analysis. She hopes to utilize her career to research and develop sustainable fiber alternatives, as well as introducing technology into fibers and fabrics in ways that can be used to improve lives whether for medical or leisure use. The AATCC Foundation Varley Family Scholarship will help her continue her education, save up for graduate school, and become more involved in her field. She is very honored and grateful to be recognized by this community.




Natalie Kupperman: I am a second-year student at Oregon State University with intent to complete a major in Fashion Design as well as a minor in the German Language. Currently, I manage and design for my streetwear clothing line – Simply Rae. In addition, I design higher fashion pieces for annual runway shows. I also hold the position of Vice President for Oregon State University’s Chapter of AATCC for the 2019-2020 school year.

I believe that this world should pride itself in its creativity and stories, and as creators it is our job to bring this out for the world to see. For the longest time, I have been enthralled with the notion of designing a story through fashion. In every person’s soul a story is held within, without an outlet to express its being. Some individuals see this as an obstacle; however, I see it as an opportunity to display one’s unspoken truth through the use of clothing. As an upcoming junior, Oregon State University’s (OSU) chapter of AATCC has been a guiding force as I journeyed from a newly minted freshman to business owner and designer. Most importantly, AATCC has presented me with opportunities that I would not have received were I not a part of this esteemed organization. For example, I had an internship in New York City during which I discovered there was a meetup for AATCC chapter executives. During this forum, I was introduced to Mr. Harrie Schoots and many other industry professionals. It was an experience for which I am very thankful; for I established lifelong mentors. In addition, the OSU chapter of AATCC organizes a Spring fashion show for student designers to showcase their work. If it weren’t for the encouraged participation from fellow AATCC members, I would not have been able to recognize the depths of my creativity and bring to life the work I envisaged on paper.

To be considered and awarded the AATCC Foundation West Region Scholarship is an unprecedented honor. The scholarship represents what I have learned from the fashion industry, my advancements in my design and sewing skills, and the personal connections I have made throughout my two years as a student member of AATCC. I am forever grateful, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.


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