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AATCC Review Wins a 2019 Tabbie Award!

AATCC Review has won a 2019 Tabbie Award for the January/February 2018 feature article “Is Retail Broken?” by Craig Crawford.

AATCC has been publishing textile research and news since 1969. This tradition continues with new options for members! In addition to the print and digital magazine versions, the new online version of AATCC’s award winning AATCC Review is also available, containing technical papers and feature articles on topics with the same scope as our peer-reviewed research journal, the AATCC Journal of Research. The existing digital magazine version (pdf) of AATCC Review, with Association news and columns as well as the features and technology papers, will also continue to be available for download to AATCC members.

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By publishing with AATCC, you establish your reputation as an expert in your field, gain recognition for yourself and your company, and widen your network of professional contacts

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AATCC is more than a publisher; we are a trusted association of textile professionals. Our magazine and newsletter are distributed to a 100%-qualifed audience of decision makers in the industry—the very people you need to reach.

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