The AATCC Piedmont section includes members in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Piedmont Section Bylaws (2019)

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Chair— Lee Lemere
Vice Chair—  John Crocker, SDL Atlas
Secretary— Kevin Jenkinson, Cekal Specialties
Treasurer— Len Farias
Regional Board Member (Midsouth Region)—John Crocker
Scholarship Committee— Billy Gardner (Chair),  Lee Lemere, Mandi Strickland, Len Farias, Ann Laidlaw
Membership Chair— Bill Stuckey

Upcoming Activities

AATCC Piedmont Section announces Spring Technical Seminar

“Collaboration is the Key”

April 29, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Manufacturing Solutions Center, Conover, NC

What we are seeing in the textile industry is the emergence a new type of textile company that is nimble and small with a story – sustainable products, high technology, fashion or a combination of different things. The key is collaboration between companies or industries to create new products.


10:00 Welcome and Introductions

10:15-11:45  Overview + Facility Tour

Dan St. Louis of MSC and Sam Buff of the Gaston College Textile Technology Center will provide an overview of the MSC/Gaston College collaboration to test, prototype and commercialize textile products.

Tanya Wade will discuss the Carolina Textile District that is located at MSC and works with entrepreneurs to start new products.

12:00-1:00  Lunch (included in registration fee)

1:00-3:30 Four speakers, representing the four incubator companies located at MSC, will each discuss what they do, their prior experiences, their markets and why they got started.

1) InnovaKnits – Jason Wilkins – Managing Partner – InnovaKnits create a wide array of textile products and projects across a multitude of different industries, including: aerospace, energy, performance athletics, orthotics and prosthetics, molding and composites, hosiery, wearable electronics, and high end fashion and apparel.

2) YOU Compression Wear – Mark Bess

YOU Compression Wear was founded in 2016 in answer to the growing need for high quality, true graduated compression socks at an affordable price.

3) Evolved By Nature –Enrico Mortarino

This company uses Activated Silk™ technology as a “platform” to create hundreds of unique chemistries to impart different performance attributes whether in clothing, personal care or medical products. These products are all biodegradable and they hold several patents covering a wide variety of silk protein molecular compositions.

4) NuFabrx – Jordan Schindler – Founder

NuFabrx products have active ingredients embedded directly in the fabric. These active ingredients are programmed to respond to the body for predictable, effective, and long-lasting pain relief directly through contact with your skin.

3:30 adjourn


Past Activities

AATCC Piedmont Section Meeting Announcement

The Piedmont Section of AATCC will hold a meeting on Wednesday, October 23, from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. hosted by:

EFI Global, Inc.
3101 Yorkmont Road, Suite 1800 | Charlotte, North Carolina 28208
EFI global is a full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm.

  • Technical presentation/tour by EFI global
  • Update on Section Bylaws
  • General Business

They had  25 attendees at the meeting hosted by EFI Global in Charlotte!

Andrew Sutton of EFI Global making presentation to the group.

Scholarship winners picture. Left to right,
Len Farias – Treasurer Piedmont Section
Gabriella Schoenbeck, Clemson University, Piedmont Scholarship
Lauren Swift,  Clemson University, Piedmont Scholarship
Corey Kubat,  Clemson University, Piedmont Scholarship
Nathan Weingarth,  Clemson University, Charles H Stone Scholarship
Laura Kinard, Clemson University, Student Services Coordinator
Lee Lemere, Chair Piedmont Section


October 30, 2018 – Piedmont Section Technical Seminar
The Piedmont Section is pleased to announce their fall technical seminar, “A Finishing Touch: Fine Tuning Fabric Performance”, on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. More information below:

2018 AATCC Piedmont Technical Meeting Minutes 

July 25, 2018
AATCC Piedmont Section Committee Meeting (Conference Call)
Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2017
AATCC Piedmont Region Committee Meeting (Conference Call)
Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2016
Piedmont Section used the BBT (Charlotte Knights) Baseball Facility, in downtown Charlotte, NC,  to host a 1 day seminar entitled “Outdoor and Activewear – High Performance Textiles For an Active Lifestyle”.  The program included a total of seven technical presentations on active-wear themed topics, ranging from marketing and color management, to product and fabric functionality. The Program was rounded off with an opportunity to tour the new BBT (Charlotte Knights) Baseball Facility, which was opened, just 2 years ago. The program attracted around 50 attendees, including a number of student members from both Clemson and NC State Universities. The Piedmont Section Committee thanks all participants for their interest in the event.


April 18, 2012 (Officers’ Meeting)
October 27, 2011 Textiles: A Constantly Changing Industry Photo1 Photo2
March 4, 2010 (Officers’ Meeting)
March 11, 2008 (Officers’ Meeting)
October 3, 2007 (Officers’ Meeting)
March 12, 2007 (Officers’ Meeting)
March 1, 2007 Performance Enhancement of Textile Fabrics Using Functional Finishes
Annual Report 2005
September 13, 2005 (Officers’ Meeting)
June 12, 2005 (Officers’ Meeting)
Annual Report 2003


The following were awarded the Charles H. Stone scholarship for the academic year 2016/2017.
Joe Desjardins, Current recipient; rising senior (Clemson)
Jane Gragg, Current recipient; industry co-op Fall 2016 (Clemson)
Lauren Walters, Rising senior (Clemson)
Kayla Messier, Rising senior (NCSU)
Gabriel Carillo, Rising junior (Clemson)

The following were awarded Piedmont Section scholarships for the academic year 2016/2017.
Monique Mack, Current recipient; rising senior (Clemson)
Lauren Repp, Current recipient; rising senior (Clemson)
Weston Mott, Rising senior (Clemson)
Zachary Pipkin, Rising senior (NCSU)
Rebecca Harman, Graduates in December (Clemson)
Laine Taussig, Co-op during Fall semester 2016; resumes classes in Spring 2017 (Clemson)

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