Member Fees

By joining AATCC, you become a part of 100 years of tradition and a modern network of textile professionals. There is an AATCC membership package for everyone. Not sure which one is for you? See below for your options. For discounted memberships not available online, contact the membership department.

Senior Individual (Professional):

Senior Individual membership is for all professionals in the industry.

  • US $125/year

Ask us about a complimentary Sr Individual membership through AATCC Corporate membership!


A reduced-rate membership for students currently enrolled in a college/university studying textiles, fibers, materials, design, merchandising, or a related subject.

  • US $35/year


Compare All Individual Packages

AATCC Individual Membership Levels AATCC 个人会员级别
资深会员 RMB 1000/年
资深会员 DN* RMB 500/年
学生会员 RMB 300/年
学生会员 DN* RMB 150/年

Please note: 

  • Corporate benefits are in addition to individual member benefits.
  • Multi-year corporate memberships are NOT available for online processing.
  • Contact Membership Services to renew/join for multi-year memberships.
  • Multi-year corporate memberships can NOT change levels during membership period. Must wait until end of membership term.

AATCC Corporate Membership Levels 可享权利
银级会员 RMB 7000/年
金级会员 RMB 14000/年
白金级会员 RMB 28000/年
钻石级会员 RMB 52000/年

Multiple Year:

Prepay for two or three years and save! Available for Senior Individual membership.

  • 2 years: US $224 (14% discount)
  • 3 years: US $318 (15% discount)

Textile Institute Members:

Current members of the Textile Institute get 30% off Senior Individual or Student AATCC membership. Current AATCC members can also join the Textile Institute at a 30% discount. Not available with a multiple year membership.

Not employed:

50% discount on the current base dues to keep your membership current while between jobs. This option is available for one year.

  • US $63/year

Developing Nations:

Those living in selected developing nations may choose a reduced rate membership due to their classification as low-income and lower-middle-income economies by the World Bank Organization. Applies to Senior Individual and Student classifications. Developing Nations members do not receive a print copy of AATCC Review.

  • Senior Individual DN: US $63/year
  • Student DN: US $10/year


One payment of 15 times the regular annual dues rate makes you an AATCC member for life. Same benefits as a Senior Individual (Professional Membership).

  • Senior Life: US $1875

Local Section Officers:

A 50% membership discount will be offered to Section Officers— two discounts per section; one for the Chair, one for another Section Officer as designated by the Chair. AATCC will not offer refunds on memberships already in effect — at renewal time, a current membership can be extended another year at the 50% rate. The Section Officers must contact Membership Services annually to designate the individuals eligible for the discount

Student Chapter Officers:

Student Chapter Officers can receive one-year free extension of membership (AATCC will not refund memberships) for every 15 (paying) AATCC Student Members (as of the May 1st membership count). The chapter officers should decide which of them receives the free membership (with approval from the Faculty Advisor). The students are responsible for contacting and alerting Membership Services to claim this benefit

You may not apply for these classifications. You will be invited by Membership Services when you qualify. If you believe you qualify, but have not yet been invited, please contact Membership Services.


Retired individuals with 30 consecutive years of membership are invited to become Emeritus members. Dues are waived.


Individuals who have retired from full-time employment and are either at least 60 years old or an AATCC member for 10 years may qualify for Retired Membership at half the regular annual Individual Dues rate.

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