Foundation Donors

Thank you to all AATCC Foundation donors! Your contributions support more than 25 students each year.

Brian & Julie Francois

Hugh & Nan Patrick Jr

Philip & Gaile Patrick

J Frederic Rench

Hal E Brockmann

Robert C Cutler

Jack & Marsha Daniels

Jad Darsey

Joseph J. Harand

W Finley Klaas (in honor of Werner Klaas)

Warren & Kathy Perkins

Joe D Cunning

Charles E Gavin IV

Perry & Pat Grady

Peter & Helen Hauser

Sandra L Johnson

Norma  Keyes

Robert K Lattie

Jim Price

Ernest E St Louis

Charles J Wolhar

Martin J Bide

Roland & Lynn Connelly Sr

Nelson & Betty Houser

Susan H. Keesee

Hans H Kuhn

Wim Prinsen

Rubin & Josh Rabinowitz

James W Rucker

Mark Sunderland

Roberta Tremain

R. Michael Tyndall

James A Baird

Keith R Beck

Ralph Besnoy

Harold F Brinkley

Gultekin Celikiz

Everett Charves

Thomas C Cox

Susan P Esche

Harold S Freeman

Ian Hardin

Solomon Hersh

Gertrud G Joyce

Yong K Kim

Michael Leamon

Richard A Malachowski

John A Maxson

Nancy PeBenito

Philip H. Riggins

Enrico Subacchi

Rembert J Truesdale III

Arthur Urbanik

Jiping Wang

Frank Weber

George S Wham

Color Solutions International


American Textile Mfrs Institute

Bank of America (CH Stone Will)



Carter & Mayes Shirtmakers

Consumer Testing Labs Inc

Cognis Textile Tech-Chem Grp

Colgate-Palmolive Mexico

Consumer Testing Labs, Inc

Coté Color Corporation

Cranston Foundation (URI  Scholarship)

Dystar LP

Eastern Border Group

Eastern Color & Chemical Co


LSI Wall Covering

G J Littlewood & Sons Inc

Inst of Textile Technology (ITT)

MFG Chemical Inc

Practical Management Inc

Pulcra Chemicals LLC

QC Internacional


Rothtec Engraving Corp

Shivalik Dye Chemical

Siva Microbiolog Solutions LLC

Southern Textile Res Conf

Thies Corporation

Under Armour

US Army/Natick

Wolfe Dye & Bleach Works

X-Rite Inc/Munsell Color Svcs

Delaware Valley

India International


Midwest (in honor of Joseph H Jones)

Northern New England

Northwest Section

Northern Piedmont



South Central


Clemson University Student Chapter

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