Committee Meetings

More than 40 AATCC research committees will meet to develop test methods, conferences, and other educational programs or publications. Administrative committees and interest groups will also meet. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are open to all. There is no fee to attend, and input is welcome. You can impact the textile tests used all around the world!

May 19-21, 2020
Remote Participation (web/phone) Only

Pre-register online by Friday, May 8th to facilitate meeting preparations. There is no fee to attend meetings.

You must register to receive web/phone conference details. Meeting times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time.


November 10-12
Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
In-person and remote participation available

Registration and details coming soon.

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CANCELLED MEETINGS (Updated 05/12/20)

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Committee Meetings Schedule: Spring 2020

* Closed meeting (committee members only)
# Meeting held at AATCC Technical Center
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Tue, 8:15-9:25C2-S1International Test Methods
Tue, 8:45-9:25RA45Finish Analysis
Tue, 8:45-10:10RA32Static Electricity
Tue, 8:45-10:10RA104CANCELLED Garment Wet Processing
Tue, 9:30-10:10RA106UV Protective Textiles
Tue, 9:30-10:10C1-S14Employee Benefits*
Tue, 9:30-10:10RA34CANCELLED Preparation
Tue, 11:00-11:40CS75Young Professionals
Tue, 11:00-11:40RA24Fiber Analysis
Tue, 11:00-11:40RA109Flammability
Tue, 11:00-11:40C17SCEducation Advisory Board subcommittee
Tue, 11:45-1:00AATCC Foundation BOD*
Tue, 1:00-1:55C11Committee on Conferences
Tue, 1:00-2:25RA100Global Sustainability
Tue, 1:00-2:25RA60Colorfastness to Washing
Tue, 1:00-2:25RA57Floor Covering
Tue, 2:00-2:55C17Education Advisory Board
Tue, 2:30-3:10RA103CANCELLED Spectroscopic Technoloies
Tue, 2:30-3:55RA111Electronically-Integrated Textiles
Tue, 2:30-3:55RA31Antimicrobial Activity
Tue, 3:15-4:20C6Membership
Tue, 4:00-5:25RA88Home Laundering
Tue, 4:00-5:25RA75Evaluation for End Use Performance
Tue, 4:00-4:40RA43Professional Textile Care
Tue, 4:25-5:25C7Publications
Tue, 4:45-5:25RA112Thermal Regulation
Tue, 6:30-10:00C2Executive Committee on Research*
Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Wed, 8:00-8:40RA63TGCANCELLED Task Group on Reference Fabric Development
Wed, 8:00-8:40RA23CANCELLED Colorfastness to Water
Wed, 8:00-8:40 RA36 TGColor Measurement Task Group
Wed, 8:45-10:10 RA63Water Resistance, Absorbency & Wetting Agent Evaluation
Wed, 8:45-10:10RA59CANCELLED Fibrous Test Materials
Wed, 8:45-9:25RA36Color Measurement
Wed, 9:30-10:10RA89Hand Evaluation
Wed, 10:15-10:55RA42Dimensional Changes
Wed, 10:15-10:55RA80Printing Technology
Wed, 11:00-11:40RA61Appearance Retention
Wed, 11:00-11:40RA50CANCELLED Lightfastness and Weathering
Wed, 11:45-12:55C1-S8Building & Grounds*
Wed, 1:00-1:40RA33CANCELLED Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants
Wed, 1:00-2:25CAIGChemical Applications Interest Group
Wed, 1:00-2:25RA56Stain Resistance
Wed, 2:30-3:10RA102Statistics Advisory
Wed, 2:30-3:10RA49CANCELLED Insect Resistance
Wed, 2:30-3:55C2C IGConcet 2 Consumer Interest Group
Wed, 3:15-4:40RA87/RA92CANCELLEDApplied Dyeing/Interaction of Dyes & Finishes
Wed, 4:00-5:25MAIGMaterials Interest Group
Wed, 4:00-5:25C5Appropriations*
Wed, 4:45-5:25RA38CANCELLED Colorfastness to Crocking
Wed, 5:30-6:30C3CANCELLED Technical Committee on Research
Wed, 6:30-6:45C2CANCELLED Executive Committee on Research
Thursday, May 21, 2020
Thu, 9:00-12:00C1AATCC Board of Directors*

Technical Committee on Research

For May 2020, TCR reports will be circulated as a compiled document rather than live reports.

The Technical Committee on Research (TCR, C3) meeting typically includes a brief report from each committee and interest group–a great way to catch up on anything you missed.


Many committees invite guest speakers to share their expertise as well as industry trends.

Welcome Reception

For May 2020, there will be no welcome reception.

If you are new to the AATCC committee meetings–or still have questions–join staff and key officers for an informal overview of what to expect, what to do, and who to ask.

Networking Reception

For May 2020, there will be no networking reception.

Mingle with industry colleagues over complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a drink. Registration includes one drink ticket.  A cash bar is also available.


For May 2020, there will be no tour. Plan now to join the tour in November! 

NC State University Nonwovens Institute
November 12, 2020
Time TBD

The Nonwovens Institute engages experts from industry and higher education in building next-generation nonwoven applications while also providing training and guidance to the field’s future leaders.

For May 2020, there will be no in-person meetings.

For November 2020, discounted rates will be available at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center located at 4700 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC. Use the reservation link or contact the hotel directly at +919.941.5050 and mention the AATCC meetings. Reserve by the posted deadline to ensure the discounted rate and availability.

Your timely reservation as part of the AATCC room block helps reduce meeting costs and allows AATCC to offer free registration, including receptions and presentations.

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