Garry AtkinsonFebruary 16, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

AATCC Introduces the Skew & Shrinkage Template


Efficient fabric quality control testing requires the proper tools. AATCC now offers the Skew & Shrinkage Template for use in measuring the dimensional change of fabrics. Designed in metric units, this user-friendly scale provides a measuring experience with versatility in fabric and garment measurement.


Measure Shrinkage

When fabrics are expected to undergo repeated laundering, evaluating the shrinkage or growth is key in acceptance testing. Using the Skew & Shrinkage Template, lab technicians can perform  AATCC TM135, Test Method for Dimensional Changes of Fabrics after Home Laundering  to measure shrinkage of fabrics in length and width directions.


The Skew & Shrinkage Template can be used to measure shrinkage in garments using AATCC TM150, Test Method for Dimensional Changes of Garments after Home Laundering.


Percent Shrinkage Scale

A precise percent shrinkage scale is featured on the bottom of the scale for direct calculation.


Measure Skew

Skew happens in garments when a fabric twists from its original state. AATCC TM179, Test Method for Skew Change in Fabrics After Home Laundering, is the industry preferred method for determining the change in skew.  Using the Skew & Shrinkage template provides a purpose-made tool for marking and measuring.


Universal Measuring Tools

In addition to performing these specialized AATCC methods, lab personnel can use this template for general measurements. Featured on the sides of the dimensional template are built-in utility rulers in both metric and standard units.


BONUS: Indelible Marking Pen Included

For the first ten orders of the Skew & Shrinkage Templates, a complimentary AATCC indelible marking pen is included for precise marking of the fabrics for testing! Place your order today to take advantage of this valuable offer.


Product Name:
68377A: Skew & Shrinkage Template

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