AATCC Testing Standards Exhibition at Functional Fabric Fair

April 16, 2024 - April 18, 2024

Portland, OR, USA
Oregon Convention Center

Booth 923A

Experience Textile Testing Like Never Before at the Spring 2024 Functional Fabric Fair!

AATCC is bringing fabric testing to life through the groundbreaking AATCC Testing Standards Exhibition. Step inside a simulated laboratory and watch as experts demonstrate the cutting-edge equipment and precise methodologies used to evaluate visual color, appearance evaluation, water resistance and more.

Get an insider’s look at:

  • The intricate testing procedures behind AATCC’s world-renowned standards
  • The diverse fabrics utilized as laboratory controls and benchmarks
  • AATCC’s expanding portfolio of over 100 testing protocols

Additionally, learn about the Proficiency Testing Program:

  • Why consistency in testing matters for consumer safety
  • How laboratories worldwide ensure excellence through AATCC’s program
  • Opportunities for your own lab to participate

This exhibition promises immersive, behind-the-scenes access you won’t find anywhere else. Discover where science meets textile innovation at AATCC this Spring 2024!

A Sneak Peek at Products on Display:


Visual Color Evaluation

Control Fabrics

38362C: 20 AFU & 5 AFU Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard (L2, Lot 10)

Appearance Evaluation & Laundering

AATCC Test Methods for Laundering, AATCC Quality and Products


Water Resistance

Fiber Fragment Testing

Come Visit AATCC at Booth #923A

Need more individualized guidance on how AATCC can benefit you? AATCC invites you to booth #923A to explore the upcoming educational events, conferences and programming. These sessions allow members from across the global textile community to advance their knowledge together. Additionally, find out more about the exclusive benefits from becoming an AATCC member.


Hear About “Driving Textile Sustainability through Standards”

Everyone’s talking about sustainability and circularity, but without meaningful measurements and comparisons, it’s easy to get caught in the “greenwashing” trap. Learn how testing and standards can support your ongoing goals for environmental sustainability and profitability. Plus insight into specific developments for fiber fragment shedding, LED conversion, biodegradation, and more. Attend the presentation on April 17 at 4PM PST.

Diana Wyman is Executive Vice President of AATCC, a professional association, education resource, and standards development organization for the textile industry. Diana has been involved in all aspects of textile testing—from managing a contract lab to developing specifications for a retail brand. She has participated in the standards development process through several global organizations. Diana holds degrees in Fashion Merchandising, Textiles, and Business Administration; she is currently pursuing a PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science.

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