Diana WymanJanuary 31, 2023 Press Release

With its rich history in color and coloration, AATCC is looking to brighten the walls of its Technical Center. And as a member-driven association, it only makes sense to let the members decorate!

AATCC is partnering with corporate member Felt Right to sponsor a design competition using a colorful, functional, sustainable, textile-based medium. AATCC members may submit designs through April 30.

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Not feeling creative? AATCC members will also help choose the design they want to see on the Technical Center wall. Attend AATCC Research Committee Meetings or follow social media for your chance to vote!



The winning design will be installed at the AATCC Technical Center and featured in AATCC publications and social media.

The designer also receives a $150 gift card to Felt Right.


  • ALL members—students and professionals—welcome
  • Visit https://studio.feltright.com/ to create your design
    DO NOT use alternate design software
  • Click “Share” and paste the link into the form below
    DO NOT submit a PDF, image, or other file
  • 10- × 10-foot maximum design area (6- × 6-foot recommended minimum); any shape
  • Take inspiration from AATCC’s logo, its mission, or your personal experience in the association
  • Submit as many designs or variations as you wish
  • Entries due April 30
  • Have fun!

Student Competitions

Students and faculty, don’t forget additional competitions are also open through early April. Design or merchandise a collection based on the theme Sustainability—Proof is in the Product. Learn more at www.aatcc.org/students.

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