On-Site Training

Bring the traditional testing workshop to your facility! You choose the date, location, and methods. AATCC staff provides customized hands-on instruction for a small group of your staff and/or clients.

Training programs include lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and Q&A sessions. To provide maximum interaction between the AATCC instructor(s) and participants, attendance is limited to six (6) with one instructor and ten (10) with two instructors.

Test methods vary in complexity. The specific number of methods covered per day will depend on the time required to address each method. You will select an appropriate list of methods, in consultation with the instructor(s), prior to finalizing a contract. The instructor(s) will address only those methods included in the contract.

You are responsible for arranging space to conduct the training. This typically means a room large enough to accommodate all participants, a computer, a projector, and a screen. Parts of the training are best conducted in a lab equipped to perform the test methods being addressed. Alternate arrangements may be discussed with the instructor(s).

AATCC has limited Technical staff; therefore, training dates should be requested well in advance (three months minimum notice) to best accommodate the scheduling needs of all parties. For more information or to schedule training, contact: Erika Simmons, AATCC Technical Director +1.919.549.3522 For training outside the United States, consider AATCC’s Global Test Method Training.

 AATCC Corporate MembersNonmembers
1 Instructor (up to 6 participants)US$1,600/day + expenses*

US$2,400/day + expenses*
2 Instructors (up to 10 participants)US$2,400/day + expenses*US$3,600/day + expenses*
*1 day = 8 hours; expenses include transportation, accommodations, local transportation, and meals; if travel time for the instructor(s) exceeds four hours, a travel time charge may also apply.

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