Each AATCC standard is reviewed at least once every five years. Be sure to use and reference only the most current versions.


Letters indicate the type of standard: TM = test method, LP = laboratory procedure, EP =  Evaluation Procedure, M = monograph. Each AATCC standard is designated by a number followed by the year of last technical revision. The last subsequent reaffirmation may appear in parentheses. A small letter “e” indicates editorial changes and a small letter “t” indicates additional technical changes in the same year.

Click here for a full explanation of standard designations.


The 2020 AATCC Technical Manual is now available, including:

  • NEW AATCC TM209-2019  Test Method for pH and Total Alkali in Wet Processed Textiles: Combined
  • NEW AATCC TM210-2019 Test Method for Electrical Resistance Before and After Various Exposure Conditions
  • NEW AATCC EP13-2018e Evaluation Procedure for Electrical Resistance of Electronically-Integrated Textiles
  • 29 revised standards

Click here and scroll to Test Method Updates section to see the list of all changes in the most recent Technical Manual. (AATCC members only)


Click here for information on the research committees that develop and maintain AATCC standards.

Click here for details on the AATCC test method development process

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