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AATCC is leading the way in e-textile test method development. The association also brings together information and resources from across industries and around the world.

New Standard

AATCC M14-2020 Guidance and Considerations for General Purpose Textile Face Coverings: Adult recently became a standard AATCC monograph. A draft version has been circulating since June.


The official standard is now available for download from the AATCC website. Along with other AATCC standards used for personal protective equipment (PPE) testing, AATCC M14 is offered at no cost.

Considerations included in AATCC M14 are intended to help manufacturers more efficiently design and produce face coverings for general purpose (non-medical) use. The monograph may also serve as a useful resource for those sourcing face coverings for general use.

  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Fit and Sizing Considerations
  • Material and Construction Considerations
  • Particle Filtration Considerations
  • Breathing Resistance Considerations
  • Laundering and Service Life Considerations
  • Tie and Ear Loop Considerations
  • Product Labeling and Marking Considerations

New Committee

AATCC M14 and related standards are developed and maintained by AATCC committee RA113 Emerging Technologies Test Methods. As with all AATCC committees, participation is open to all interested parties. To be a voting member of any research committee, an individual must be a senior member of AATCC.

The committee is currently focusing on face coverings but will evolve as new industry demands arise. Committee Chair Min Zhu, SGS North America, explains, “Unlike other AATCC committees who focus on specific test methods, RA113 is to develop test methods, guidelines, and other educational tools for any emerging issues that are related to textiles. This committee will be operated dynamically – The specific scope of work will change as new issues emerge due to the increasing uncertainty of the market. The committee is aiming at developing new test methods or providing industry guidance in a timely manner to help textile industry stakeholders respond to ever-changing challenges with more resources.”

RA113’s first project will be to develop a guideline for children’s face coverings that provides considerations in regulatory compliance, material selection, performance standards and evaluation methods, design and care instructions.

What’s New

  • AATCC TM210, Test Method for Electrical Resistance Before and After Various Exposure Conditions published. Includes testing for durability to laundering!
  • AATCC EP13, Evaluation Procedure for Electrical Resistance of Electronically-Integrated Textiles published. First global standard for e-textiles.

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RA111, Electronically Integrated Textiles
Scope: To develop methods and terminology for testing electronically integrated textiles.

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To join the committee contact Valerie Fogg

Note that only members of the committee receive agendas, minutes, and ballots.

To join this (or any other) AATCC research committee, you must be an individual member of AATCC. Click below for more information about membership options.

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Resource and Links

  • Press Release: AATCC Publishes International Standard for
    Resistance of E-Textiles (February 2019)
  • AATCC RA111 Electronically Integrated Textiles Test Methods
    • RA111 Stretch Task Group
  • ASTM D13.50 on Smart Textiles
  • IEC TC124 Wearable electronic devices and technologies
  • IPC D-70 E-textiles
    • D-71 E-Textiles Joining and Interconnection Techniques
    • D-72 E-Textiles Materials
    • D-74 E-Textile Test Methods Development and Validation
  • ISO TC38/WG32 Smart textiles

Contact Erika Simmons, AATCC Technical Director for more information.

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