Research Committees

Standards development benefits from participation by a broad range of stakeholders. Your perspective is important. Any senior member of AATCC may be a voting member of a research committee (student members may be non-voting members)

As the name implies, these committees develop and maintain test methods. They may also be responsible for evaluation procedures, monographs, or other technical documents. Test method committees may organize conferences, webinars, publications, or other educational activities.

Research Committees (Active)

NumberCommittee Name
RA23Colorfastness to Water Test Methods
RA24Fiber Analysis Test Methods
RA31Antimicrobial Activity Test Methods
RA32Static Electricity Test Methods
RA33Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminant Test Methods
RA34Preparation Test Methods
RA36Color Measurement Test Methods
RA38Colorfastness to Crocking Test Methods
RA42Dimensional Change Test Methods
RA43Professional Textile Care Test Methods
RA45Finish Analysis Test Methods
RA49Insect Resistance Test Methods
RA50Lightfastness and Weathering Test Methods
RA56Stain Resistance Test Methods
RA57Floor Covering Test Methods
RA60Colorfastness to Washing Test Methods
RA61Appearance Retention Test Methods
RA63Water Resistance, Absorbency & Wetting Agent Evaluation Test Methods
RA87Applied Dyeing & Characterization of Dyes Test Methods
RA89Hand Evaluation Test Methods
RA92Interaction of Dyes and Finishes Test Methods
RA100Global Sustainability Test Methods
RA106UV Protective Textiles Test Methods
RA111Electronically Integrated Textiles Test Methods
RA112Thermal Regulation Test Methods
RA113Emerging Issues Test Methods

Research Committees (Reference)

The standards originally maintained by these committees are reviewed by RA99 while the committees remain on reference status. If a need arises, reference committees may be reinstated to active status.

RR1 Colorfastness to Acids and Alkalis Test Methods (TM6)

RR9 Ageing of Sulfur-Dyed Textiles Test Methods (TM26)

RR29 Abrasion Resistance Test Methods (TM93, TM119, TM120)

RR35 Damage by retained Chlorine Test Methods (TM92, TM114)

RR41 Enzyme Activity Test Methods (TM103, TM191)

RR53 Colorfastness to Pleating Test Methods (TM131)

RR54 Colorfastness to Heat Test Methods (TM117, TM133)

RR79 Coated, Bonded and Laminated Fabrics Test Methods

RR81 Flock Testing (TM142)

RR90 Chelating Agent Evaluation Test Methods (TM148, TM161, TM168, TM185)

Technology committees aim to stay current on research, innovation, and trends in a particular area. These committees may also organize conferences, webinars, publications, or other educational activities. Technology committees do NOT develop test methods or evaluation procedures, but may be responsible for monographs published in the AATCC Technical Manual.

NumberCommittee Name
RA80Printing Technology
RA88Home Laundering Technology
RA103Spectroscopic Technologies
RA104Garment Wet Processing Technology
RA109Flammability Technology

Committees that do not fit in the Test Method or Technology categories are considered independent. RA99 is the only research committee with appointed members. All other committees are open to any interested member of AATCC.

NumberCommittee Name
RA59Fibrous Test Materials
RA75Evaluation of Materials & Products for End Use Performance
RA99Technical Manual Editorial Review
RA102Statistics Advisory

C2, Executive Committee on Research (ECR)

Responsible for the final approval of all published methods, as well as policy issues related to the technical activities of the Association. Members are appointed for three-year terms. Chair also serves on the AATCC board of directors.

ECR Policies

ECR Roster

C3, Technical Committee on Research (TCR)

TCR including the chairs of each research committee. This group reviews each standard that has been approved by an individual committee before it can proceed to publication. For more on this process, please see Method Development.

Significant contributions are recognized with the TCR Award.

TCR Roster


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