Administrative committees oversee AATCC activities, including awards, publications, and education. They have a “C” designation. Membership on some of these committees is by election or appointment, but most meetings are still open to the public.

NumberCommittee Name
C1AATCC Board of Directors
C1-S14Study Committee on Employee Benefits
C1-S16Awards Oversight Committee
C1-S8Building and Grounds Committee
C11Committee on Conferences
C17Education Advisory Board
C2Executive Committee on Research
C2-S1International Test Methods
C2-S3Colour Index Dyes Board
C3Technical Committee on Research
C5Appropriations Committee
C6Membership Committee
C7Publications Committee
C7-S9AATCC Journal of Research
C9Constitution & Bylaws Committee
CS61Harold C. Chapin Award Committee
CS65Olney Medal Award Committee
CS70Henry E. Millson Award for Invention Committee
CS75Young Professionals Committee

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