Committee Member Benefits


Committee members vote on new test method proposals, as well as revisions and reaffirmations of existing methods. Every vote counts. The committee must address each negative vote before the method can proceed. Comments may not stop an item, but are given serious consideration and often result in a new round of revisions.

As a member of an AATCC committee, you also enhance your reputation as an expert and influencer in your field.


Only committee members receive meeting notices, agendas, and minutes. Joining a committee is the best way to stay informed! Be among the first to know when new methods are proposed or approved. Stay current on industry advances as well as challenges.


There are numerous leadership opportunities. From joining a task group to chairing a committee, there are many ways to hone your skills and enhance your reputation as an industry expert.


Create a network of like-minded professionals. Being part of a committee allows colleagues, competitors, and supply chain partners to work together toward common goals. Fellow members become valuable resources—and often, lifelong friends.

If you are a member of AATCC, log in to access full contact information for each committee member. Non-members may view committee member names and companies.

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Committee Member Criteria

Guidelines for research committee membership are listed in AATCC M13, Rules of Procedure for AATCC Test Method and Technology Committees. Only one member per organization may be a voting member on each committee (others may join the same committee as non-voting members). Each senior member may vote on up to three Test Method committees plus, up to three Technology committees. Voting membership on Independent committees is unlimited. Membership on RA99 is by appointment. Non-voting membership on all other research committees is unlimited.

Committee members must return all ballots to maintain voting status. A response of “abstain” for all items on a ballot is acceptable. This policy ensures that committee rosters include only current contact information for individuals interested in the relevant topic.

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