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Some Positive News


It’s always nice to read some good news, especially during a crisis. It is particularly encouraging to read how the textile industry has stepped up to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) and other urgent needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s one short story about the difference we can make as a team. Watch AATCC’s social media outlets for more positive stories and ways you can help.

Moisture Management test method


The Shortage


As more protective apparel is needed for medical personnel, manufacturers are ramping up production. This means labs are doing more testing. Two of the key tests for apparel and drapes in health care facilities are AATCC TM42 and AATCC TM127. Not surprisingly, AATCC has seen an increase in demand for the apparatus and materials required to perform these tests.

While most of the AATCC staff is working from home, members of the orders department continue to come into the AATCC Technical Center at least once a week to ship product to customers.

Teamwork Saves the Day!


Last week, inventory of several key components of the test stand for AATCC TM42 was depleted. Instead of the usual 8-week lead time, the manufacturer hand-delivered the first part of the order the very same day.

With a series of phone calls, scans, and emails, AATCC staff members got the parts into inventory and notified waiting customers. A few days later, complete stands were assembled and ready for order as well.

Grateful Thanks


THANK YOU to everyone in the medical community, to those creating and testing protective apparel, to the manufacturers and services throughout the supply chain, and to those transporting essential materials where they are needed. AATCC is proud to be a small part of the global network working together for a healthier future.

If there is anything AATCC can do to support you or your organization, or if you have a story to share, please let us know.


Kind regards,

Diana Wyman,

AATCC Executive Vice-President

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