2021 C2C Student Competition Educational Component

AATCC Standards

  • AATCC began developing test methods in 1921
  • AATCC has developed more than 200 standards including test methods and evaluation procedures
  • All current AATCC standards are published in the annual AATCC Technical Manual
  • See a list of all AATCC standards: Testing Methods

Why are AATCC Test Methods Important?

  • Purchase contracts specify in detail how goods are to be tested
  • In both domestic and international markets, acceptance and rejection of textiles are based on meeting performance standards
  • Product specification should be considered as early as the design phase
  • See video for further details:

What do AATCC Test Methods Provide?

  • Numerical results based on measurements or visual scales
  • Common language for comparing or approving textiles
    • AATCC does not establish pass/fail criteria, but interested parties can determine their own criteria knowing that everyone is using the same scale

How are AATCC Test Methods Developed?

  • AATCC Test Methods are developed by volunteers in all industry segments
  • See video for further details:

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