C2C Student Design Competition Results

AATCC is happy to announce the winners of the 2017 AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Student Design Competition.

AATCC received 45 entries, with 46 students participating from 14 various colleges and universities. This year’s theme, Everyday Clothes for Extraordinary Kids, challenged students to design a line that redesigns apparel items (leggings, t-shirts, etc.) for children with special needs and/or a disability. The new line was to enhance the everyday existence of these children and/or their parents/caregivers. The color palette could be chosen from the Pantoneview Colour Planner Summer 2016.


Awards and Winners:

1st place: Little Voyager by Sarah Steger, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Steger will be graduating in May of 2018 with a BS in Apparel Design and Development and a minor in Business Administration. “This project helped develop my skills in Illustrator and became the kickoff point for my love of designing and rendering in CAD,” says Steger. “I knew immediately that I wanted to design for visually impaired children and create a fun, interactive collection that fulfilled functionality with braille graphics while also allowing each child to show off their bright, unique personality. One difficult aspect of this competition was my attempt to create clothing that was more gender fluid, but by letting my inspiration of a child’s adventuring spirit, I designed with a little voyager in mind.”

The Runway of Dreams Foundation sponsored a US$5,000 scholarship for this first-place winner. Steger will be presented with the award at the Runway of Dreams Foundation Gala and Fashion Show in New York City, NY, USA on June 8, 2017. The Runway of Dreams Foundation prize included travel and overnight hotel accommodations for Steger. In addition, Steger was awarded prizes of US$1,000 from AATCC, a Pantone Cotton Passport, a US$100 Spoonflower Gift Certificate, US$100 with an award plaque from Shrimag Creations, and a Datacolor Spyder5.


2nd place: Jungle Jr. by Madeline Bratager, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Bratager is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design & Development with a minor in sustainability. “After graduation, I hope to design for a sustainable company and work toward creating a more sustainable fashion industry. This project was a lot about creative problem solving and finding multiple solutions and I think that will definitely help me in the future as I pursue a career in design and sustainable design,” says Bratager. “I learned a lot about functional garments and catering to a specific market’s needs. Adding functional adaptive aspects to trending clothing without changing the overall aesthetic was a fun puzzle to piece together. This project has pushed me to expand my creativity of functionality in design and understand how important functional garments are.”

Bratager won US$750 from AATCC, a Pantone Cotton Passport, a US$100 Spoonflower Gift Certificate, US$100 with an award plaque from Shrimag Creations, and a Datacolor Spyder5.


Honorable Mention (2 prizes): For the Kids by Melissa Cancel, Florida State University, and Fruity Paradise by Morgan Young, University of Delaware.

“From participating in this competition, I learned how to research products, create innovative ideas, and combine it into a presentable project,” says Cancel. After graduation, Cancel hopes to work at the headquarters of a brand with a strong online presence working in product development or merchandising. Cancel says, “Learning about how to re-design previous products with a modern twist, like what was done in this competition, will be very beneficial in this [planned] career.”

Young is a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in Apparel Design with a minor in Spanish. “Being a participant in the competition, I learned a lot about the many issues faced by children with disabilities. It is not often that people think about these issues, but being able to problem solve and potentially make a difference in someone’s life was my motivation in this competition,” says Young.

Young’s plans include continuing a company that she recently co-founded called AndAgain. “We focus on up-cycling denim and combating the issues of sustainability within the fashion world,” Young says. “Working through issues that children face in their everyday lives pushed my creativity levels and I know this will help me in my future by giving me the motivation to keep pursuing more innovative ideas.”

Young and Cancel each won US$100 from AATCC, a US$50 Spoonflower Gift Certificate, US$25 with award plaque from Shrimag Creations, and a Datacolor Spyder5.


Melissa Cancel                                                        Morgan Young


AATCC thanks the following developers, judges, and sponsors. Without their donations, expertise and assistance, the competition would not have been possible.


Brooks Tippett, VP of Operations at Pantone

Heidi Carvalho, Product Engineer at Brahmin Leather Works

Kerry King, Vice President, R&D at Spoonflower Inc.

Mary Brannon, Apparel Technology Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Nora Khanna, Product Development Manager at Pantone



Carrie Yates, Manager of Product Development at Cotton Incorporated

Ken Hamby, General Manager at Jefferies Socks

Meg Yahashi, Operations Analyst at Care+Wear

Meredith Feingold, Social Media Manager at Spoonflower Inc.

Mindy Scheier, Founder and CEO, Runway of Dreams

Sara Engelhard, Senior Product Development Associate at Spoonflower Inc.

Tina Beauvais, President at EmBraced In Comfort

Vanessa Sanchez, Summer Program Mentor at Open Style Lab and Research Fellow at Harvard University


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