Concept 2 Consumer® Design Winners 2016

AATCC is happy to announce the winners of the 2016 AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Student Design Competition!

AATCC received 56 entries, with 76 students participating from 14 colleges and universities. This year’s theme, Metamorphosis, challenged students to create a garment that transformed. Examples of transformations included changing color, serving multiple purposes, or changing through the actual design of the fabric. Color palettes were chosen from the Pantoneview Color Planner Summer 2016.

Awards included a first place cash award of US$1,000 along with a copy of Pantone’s Cotton Passport,  US$100 Spoonflower gift certificate, and Datacolor Spyder 5; a US$750 award for second place, along with a copy of Pantone’s Cotton Passport, US$100 Spoonflower gift certificate, and Datacolor Spyder 5; and two US$100 awards for honorable mentions along with a US$50 Spoonflower gift certificate, and Datacolor Spyder 5.

The Winners:


First Place—Traveling Cloud by Darya Karenskaya, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Karenskaya has a Master’s degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor’s in Education, and is currently switching careers by working on a certificate in textile design. “Winning the competition means a lot to me,” she says. “I think it shows that I am moving in the right direction.” She notes that it was not easy, since she is not a fashion design student. “My focus is primarily on designing patterns rather than constructing garments,” she says. “The competition required me to work in a much broader direction. I enjoyed the challenge and put a lot of love into the three prints incorporated in my design.”




Second Place—Unveil by Emily Kopcik, an apparel design major at the University of Delaware. Kopcik says, “The Metamorphosis design competition challenged me to learn design techniques that previously, I had not considered, such as detachable garments and changing fabrics. At first, it was difficult to come up with a design that would be functional for the consumer as well as aesthetically pleasing. Pushing the limits and creating innovative, sustainable designs that have more than one function is a concept that I think will continue to become more popular in the fashion industry. This contest led me to create further designs with a metamorphosis aspect and it will definitely help me in future endeavors.”





Honorable Mention—Sweet Summer Days by Anne Cops, University of Wisconsin-Stout. Cops is majoring in apparel design and development, and hopes to graduate in May 2017. After graduation, she plans to join a company in a technical design position, but hopes to work on her fashion design and textile design skills and eventually pursue a career in that direction. “It was challenging to think of an idea for this competition,” she notes. “When I came up with the idea, I needed to research how inflatable life vests work and that impacted my original design. My final design kept the inflatable shape very similar to an inflatable life vest.






Honorable MentionRain Daze by Cory Schneiders, Drexel University. Schneiders is currently a sophomore, majoring in fashion design. “By participating in this competition, I learned so much of the process behind textile design,” he says. “I enjoyed the challenges I came across within the competition, and I was really excited about having complete creative freedom.” In addition, he notes, “I believe that I will continue to utilize the knowledge and skills I have acquired from this competition throughout my career, and I greatly appreciate the opportunities this competition has granted me!”







AATCC would like to extend grateful appreciation to the following developers, judges, and sponsors. Without their expertise and assistance, the Competition would not have been possible. Special thanks to Karen Kyllo, Deputy Vice President of Global Softlines at SGS USA, chair of the Concept 2 Consumer® Interest Group, for her timely assistance.



Brooks Tippett, VP of Operations at Pantone

Heidi Carvalho, Textile Technology Consultant at TTACC

Kerry King, Vice President, R&D at Spoonflower Inc.

Mary Brannon, Apparel Technology Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Nora Khanna, Product Development Manager at Pantone



Carrie Yates, Manager of Product Development at Cotton Incorporated

Marie Cordella, Owner at Cordella Bridal

Rachel Lessne, Owner at Green Envy Eco-Boutique

Sara Engelhard, Product Development Associate at Spoonflower Inc.

Tina Beauvais, President at EmBraced In Comfort







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