Established: December 4, 1936
Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Faculty Advisor: Janet Bulan-Brady


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Activities and Photos:


Jefferson University (Previously Philadelphia University)

FAME/Student Chapter Meeting

AATCC Staff Visits Thomas Jefferson

Educational Visit at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology (at University of Pennsylvania)

The visit took place on March 3rd, 2017. Professor Brady (Advisor of the student chapter) and Professor Mark Sunderland (Director of Textile Materials Technology)  joined the tour to motivate the students. Shannon Migdal gave us an appointment to visit the place.

The tour was 50 minutes long. First, they showed us the Lab space for which particular suits were required as it was a dust free room. The devices were fascinating as they were used for manufacturing Biomaterials,  laser prints on microchips, and for different finishing techniques. Second, they gave us a tour of the microscopy lab where they had the most amazing microscopes that could zoom in on micro and nanoscale level. The set-up was impressive and overwhelming.

We look forward to conducting more educational visits and having guest lectures specifically for the AATCC student chapter. It is important for the University and the students that we are ranked number one as a student chapter. We will be putting hundred percent efforts to win the competitions, scholarships and student awards held by the AATCC.  Below is the picture of students with Shannon Migdal.

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