Established: November 19, 2015
Location: Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faculty Advisor:
 Shahid Adeel 

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Student Officers:

Fatima Batool ( Chair)

Ms. Nimra Amin Vice Chair)

Mr Sultan Ahmad (General Secretary)

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GCUF Officers and Faculty Advisor 

2019 GCUF Student Chapter from Pakistan

Student Chapter Officers, Ms Nimra Amin, ms Maria Qasim, Shahid Adeel (Faculty Advisor), Muhammad Kaleem, and Muhammad Akmal (left to right)

Activities and Photos:

March 8, 2020

“The students of department of chemistry at Govt College University Faisalabad in Pakistan organized a one day science model exhibit at  Sir Syed Block under the chairmanship of Dr Muhammad Zubair and under the guidance of Dr Muhammad Asghar Jamal.   The sophomore students in the AATCC-GCUF Student Chapter, under the guidance of  faculty advisor Mr Shahid Adeel, exhibited four models and were awarded Third place for their models of  insect repellent products. The students have shown antibacterial action models, insect repellents,  chemical models, waste water treatment, cement industries, etc.  The purpose of the event was for the students to develop the  leadership skills, team work, and to show their innovative ideas towards recent advances in chemistry, particularly industrial chemistry.”









June 15, 2019

Members of AATCC-GCUF chapter Ms. Nimra Amin, Ms. Maria Qasim  along with research group students Mr Muhammad Akmal and Mr Muhammad kaleem   visited  5th colour chem Expo  at Expo Centre Lahore on June 15, 2019. Mr Shahid  Adeel faculty advisor/Lecturer Chemistry Govt. College University Faisalabad  made this tour to   show his research group the world of colours other than lab  activities. The traders, researchers and consumers around the globe  showed their interest at this colour chem expo and    exhibited their products. Mostly the  companies from People Republic of China   showed their interest at big scale.  The faculty advisor met a lot of dyes and pigments companies and asked for collaboration   showing their new  products  to our labs  and  shared their lab activities   with them.   A trading comapny Paragon Dyes and Chemicals Owner Mr Shahid  Qadeer and his son Mr Abdullah  has  shwon their interest to our techniques of dyeing and application and  offered  cooperation in providing dyestuffs and other  facilities to our lab. Such types of expo are very useful for students and researchers to see that what the industrial people are doing on research and development part, and other than dyes, which type of textile research is on the way for sustainability of  global community to meet environmental standards.


A recent visit to Sadaqat limited   was made with students under guidance of Mr Shahid Adeel  Faculty Advisor. Technical Director of the unit, Engr. Mr Muhammad Asim  welcomed the student in his chamber. In discussion a cooperation between Eco-friendly Textile Lab Applied Chemistry Department,  Gvot. College University Faisalabad  and Sadaqat Limited was discussed, where the facilities of physical testing of fabrics such as tensile testing, tear testing, pilling, abrasion , crease recovery etc will be provided to research group of Eco-friendly textile lab. In future an industrial Lab scale dyeing methology will be employed through a joint  project on  natural and synthetic dyeing using natural and synthetic fabric via application of  modren tool  such as  radiation induced processing. Students also visited the dyeing, printing and fabric processing units of the industry  and briefed by   Technical Director.  These types of visits are necessary for  student to learn more apart from academic lab scale  in field of textiles, fashion  , design   at industrial scale to see the challenges  , how the industry is overcoming though cost, time, energy and labour effective methods    

The students of AATCC-GCUF Chapter  under supervision of Mr Shahid Adeel Faculty advisor and Ms. Nimra Amin Lab incharge Eco-frindly Textile Lab. Deptt of Applied Chemistry   has  visited  Noor Fatima Fabrics Faisalabad Pakistan.  Quality Control Manager Mr Zafar Iqbal along with Mr Naseer Ahmad Technical Manager, welcomed the students in  his unit The students were given briefing by Mr  Naseer Ahmad Technical Manager Processing .   From Greige fabric, desizing, scouring , bleaching and mercerization, every step was explained  in detail . Both continuous and exhaust methods were running in the industry and students were  given a short brief lecture on the importance of steps involved  and mechanism for fabric processing to make it ready for dyeing and printing. In the dyeing section  dyeing of cotton was  also viewed where exhaust, and continuous dyeing process using vat dyes was going on .   In Printing section, Students also observed printing of fabric through rotary printing and  batch printing machines.  In design area, the designing of prints , flowers and images onto fabrics also cached the attention of students. At the end Stitching, folding and packing units were visit, where the ready printed and dyed fabrics were  packed for sale. In quality control Lab, the students were given briefing on colorfastness to rubbing, light, washing, perspiration, dry cleaning fastness, color and tone matching, data color tools etc. Student s took a great interest in the  process and questioned about every step  as in the lab they were also doing the same job at lab scale level. After visiting the textile processing, the  manager took the  whole group towards  waste water treatment plant, where  the resource person briefed about the  method of waste treatment  and how they used  recycled water   into useful; purpose.  Noor Fatima Fabrics always has  made a great research collaboration with our chapter lab in research, using new methods and by technical sharing, improved their methods of dyeing   and such types of visits also  encourages new students to move towards the  fields of dyes and colors. And the purpose of such visits is to share the knowledge of lab scale work  for comparison with  industrial scale work and problem solving tasks in roder to make textile processing cost, time as well as labor effective    

Faculty advisor/Lecturer Chemistry Mr Shahid Adeel along with Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry and students Mr Muhammad Abdullah , Ms Saba Naz and Ms. Nimra Amin visited Harris Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad Pakistan. The owner of the unit Mr Muhammad Abbas welcomed the students and gave detailed view of his industrial projects. He shared his experience of dyes, chemicals and pigments and showed various steps of pigment formulation from diazotization , coupling, drying and emulsification to finished product. Faculty advisor discussed the utlization of  pigments at lab scale  and its application on cellulosic fabric under the influence of microwave and ultrasonic radiation, where Mr Muhammad Abbas agreed to give his expertise as well as facilities for printed fabrics characterization. 

05/2017 GCUF Student Chapter Activities





In 2017, the members of AATCC GCUF Chapter has worked  for academics as well as other professional activities. Faculty advisor Mr Shahid  Adeel Lecturer in Chemistry/ PhD Scholar Applied Chemistry visited Noor Fatima Fabrics along with Ms. Saba Naz, Nimra Amin, Mr Muhammad Abdullah, Ms.Memoona Zafar and Ms. Zubda Khalid. Lab Manager Mr Zafar Iqbal welcomed the new students.  The purpose of tour   in textile industry is to educate the young students   on all textile processing steps from fabric pre-treatment to dyeing and finishing, who are taking textiles and colour chemistry as their research subject. In such series, the new members  who has joined the research group of AATCC GCUF Chaper, eco-friendly textile lab visited Noor Fatima Fabrics Faisalabad Pakistan on 21-12-2017. The students  viewed very keenly every processing steps in industry   for fabrics pre-treatment i-e singing, desizing, bleaching, mercerization and packing process. Then they viewed   exhaust, continuous and IR dyeing steps. In printing section, the students viewed manual, digital and rotary printing process  and learnt about every step of printing to finishing. At the end they visited quality control and quality assurance lab , where the lab incharge Mr Naseer  briefed  about  pilling, tensile, tear, fabric weight, GSM Cutting, light, washing, rubbing, perspiration, dry cleaning as well as colour assessment tests.  The faculty  advisor Mr Shahid Adeel discussed about the newly won project on Utilization of microwave and ultrasonic assisted biopolishing in textile processing , which will be jointly run by  Noor Fatima Fabrics R&D Lab and Applied Chemistry Deprtment Govt. College University Faisalabad. Earlier the project  grnated by UNESCO/IUPAC through  its scheme of Phosphoagro  in green chemistry  for young scientists has also been run through coordination of this industry. Such type of collaborations are not onyl useful for students but also strengthens industry academia linkage.

An other good effort has been done by students of AATCC GCUF CHAPTER under guidance of Mr Shahid Adeel Lecturer Chemistry/ Advisor ATTCC GCUF CHAPTER & PhD Scholar Applied chemistry,  that two chapters have been published in book of ” Handbook of Textile Coloration and Finishing”   printed by  LLC Studium Press, USA  (ISBN= 1-62699-106-5 ). First chapter ” was contributed  by Mr Shahid Adeel and Ms. Sana Rafi   and   4TH chapter was contributed by Shahid Adeel, Ms. Sana Rafi and Mr  Muhammad Kamran.  The student chapter of AATCC-GCUF section always do a great job in academics and research and innovation. This is second good achievement by our members on 16th August, 2017, Department of Applied Chemistry conducted one day symposium on  “CHARACTERIZATION OF BIOLOGICALLY POTENT ISOLATES”  at Student Teacher Centre Hall New Campus Govt. College University Faisalabad. In the inauguration ceremony, Chairperson  Dr Tahsin Gulzar  presented the progress report of the department and discussed the research progress of each faculty members.  Worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Ali lauded the research activities of applied chemistry department and urged that students should learn from such  useful symposium. Prof. Dr M. Iqbal Choudhary Director  HEJ Karachi , Prof. Dr Shazia Anjum Director Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies , The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, and Dr Muhammad Shahid Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry Univ. of Agriculture Faisalabad  delivered key note lectures on  isolation and characterization of biological potents. Three students, Miss Sana Rafi, Ms Tayyaba Aysha and Mr Abdul Mustaan  from AATCC-GCUF presented their posters at one day symposium, where my Tayyaba Aysha won second position in poster competition.  

The faculty advisor Mr Shahid Adeel   along with AATCC GCUF members Mr. Muhammad Abdul Mustaan and Mr Muhammad Hussan  visited Haris Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad Pakistan. The advisor described the formulation of pigments , their synthesis and application. The chief Executive of Harris Dyes and Chemicals Mr Muhammad Abbas who is renowned dyer , discussed the implementation of   natural and synthetic pigments using various natural fabrics through utilization of radiation technology. He also urged to work on  degradation of pigment waste. Mr Muhaamd Abbas is associated with our research group since 2005 and gave us various methodologies to act upon  while dyeing, extraction and assessment of dyed dyed fabrics. During this meeting he also gave valuable suggestion for our recent assessment of new dye yielding plants using radiation treatment and  facilitated us with cotton fabric   for research work.  

It is matter of great pleasure for AATCC-GCUF Chapter as well AATCC that our project of about 1.9 million has been accepted by under scheme of  PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC research grant in green chemistry for young scientists. The project entitled “MODULATION OF RADIATION INDUCED GREEN DYEING OF NATURAL FIBERS USING PLANT DERIVED NATURAL DYES” Will be run by Senior Member AATCC, Advisor AATCC-GCUF CHAPTER  Mr Shahid Adeel  as PhD Scholar Applied Chemistry, Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan and Dr. Shumaila Kiran Assistant Professor Applied Chemistry, Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan as Principle Investigator. From Global Community, only seven countries has won the project under this scheme, where Pakistan has wone this project and this honour came in the Lap of AATCC-GCUF Chapter, Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan. The award was   received in the ceremony held in 21st. St. Petersburg International Economic forum (SPIEF 21), at Russia on 1-3 June 2013. The work is a part of PHD Studies of Mr Shahid Adeel, who has already done the work on natural dyes and published near about 35 papers and 7 chapters in field of natural dyes. At the moment thanking you very much to my supervisor Prof. Dr Muhammad Zuber, who always encourages AATCC GCUF members to do new work in field of research and morally supports me in scientific studies technically, I am also thankful to my worthy Vice Chancellor, Prod. Dr Muhammad Ali, who always helps, guides the faculty to move towards their professional betterment. 

It is a matter of great pleasure for AATCC MEMBERS THAT OUR BOOK BOOKS CHAPTERS ENTITLED “1 Potential Resurgence of Natural Dyes in Applied Fields ” written by Shahid Adeel, Sana Rafi, Mahwish Salman, Fazal-Ur-Rehman and Shazia Abrar,   AS CHAPTER 1  AND  “Radiation Pretreatment: A Potential Novel Technology to Improve Fastness Properties of Plant-Derived Natural Dyes” as Chapter 4 written by Shahid Adeel, Shumaila Kiran, Sana Rafi, Tayyaba Ayesha, Fazal-Ur-Rehman, Tahsin Gulzar and M.Zuber  has been included in the book of  Plant-Based Natural Products: Derivatives and Applications   edited by Shahid ul Islam,  which is published by The book is also available at

It is good effort of Senior Member Mr Shahid Adeel, Sana Rafi and Tayyaba Aysha, which is symbol of hardwork for other members to move  towards publication and academic activities.

Thanks to AATCC  for providing us the article research sources to make our work able to be published in reputed   publishers.

Senor members of AATCC GCUF CHAPTER, Mr Ali Ahmad Khan , Phd Scholar, Ms. Fatima Batool PhD Scholar  , Ms Maria Jannat M.Phil  Scholar, , Mr Abdul Mustaan  along with Faculty advisor Mr Shahid Adeel lecturer Chemistry, Visited Norr Fatima Textiles.  The members met Mr Zafar Iqbal  Manager QA & QC Noor fatima Textiles and Mr Naseer Assistant Manager Noor Fatima textiles and discussed about the textiles processing and recent updates of textile technologies. The members visited processing unit  and observed the processing of desizing to mercerization, then dyeing and printing  process to calendaring processes.. Every step was described by Mr Muhammad kashif, Lab activity incharge of QA &QC .  In the meeting with Mr Zaar Iqbal . ,members discussed about their natural dyeing processes, mordanting and finishing steps and asked about to provide the facilities of fastness testing.  He asked to use the fastness facilities as well to perform the tests in lab according to ISO/AATCC methods and promised to provide every testing facility  to perform tests. He also provided the fabrics for natural and synthetic dyeing in Eco-friendly textile lab of Department t of Applied Chemistry.      

Members of AATCC GCUF CHAPTER , along with faculty advisor/ senior member Mr Shahid Adeel  visited Archroma Textile lab Faisalabad. From fiber to finish, Archroma’s Brand & Performance Textile Specialties Business plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with special chemicals for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles. The students were briefed about the Textile instruments and their functions and role in textiles  such as  IR Dyeing Machine, HT Dyeing Machine, GSM Cutter, Lab Padder, Printing Machine, Curing apparatus, Crock meter, Color assessment cabin as well as data color.  The presenter of  Archroma lab also discussed how they test the fabrics and  dyes to meet the demands of international level. He also told the members about certification of ISO . AATCC, ASTM AS WELL AS SDC STANDARDS. The members gained a good info on textile testing , sustainability,  their methodology and requirements to meet the demand of products at international level.   

Jabir Ibn Hayyan Chemical Society of Department of Chemistry under the special guidance of Chairperson, Dr M Kaleem Khan Khosa and Incharge Dr Ameer Fawad Zahoor conducted departmental science model exhibition.The students of various semester took part and presented their ideas in form of models.  based on chemistry, biology, physics, zoology, space etc. Mr Shahid Adeel Senior member/ Faculty Advisor  AATCC GCUF Chapter , Ms,. Amna Yousaf President Jabir Ibn Hayyan Chemical Society of Department of Chemistry along with AATCC GCUF members visited the stalls and lauded the models  presented  at the exhibition. The students briefed their  wonderful models and concept behind them .e.g periodic table, cell structure, chemical garden , vacuum cleaner , hydraulic system,     ammonia haber process  etc.   

Two members  of AATCC GCUF Chapter Mr Abdul Mustaan and Mr Mubeen visited Quality Control Laboratory of  Noor Fatima Textiles Faisalabad. The spent the whole day while leaning the lab tests such as pilling, crocking, fastness as well as utilization of data colour. The manager of QA & QC Lab,  Mr Zafar Iqbal  gave them the briefing about each instruments and testing  of dyed and un dyed fabrics. The lab also provided some dyes as well as cotton and polyester fabrics for our AATCC GCUF RESEARCH Lab student. 

Faculty advisor/senior member AATCC Mr shahid adeel along with Mr Muhammad Abdul Mustaan visited Paragon Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad. There was a full discussion on utilization of natural and synthetic dyes in textiles and also give the useful tips on dyeing methodology. Paragon dyes and chemicals always helps out AATCC GCUF Research group in providing dyes and other auxiliaries. In future they will also help us to make our laboratory more on professional ways.   

Business Incubation Center Govt. College University was inaugurated by  Prof.Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Chairman Higher Education Commission of Pakistan  &  Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ali Vice Chancellor Govt. College University at Student Teacher Block on 28 February 2017. At the moment Dean Faculty of Science, Director ORIC  Dr Khalid Mahmood Zia, Manager BIC , Dr Mohsin Bashir, were also present.

Students from various departments and representative of  industries gave a brief description of their business ideas and products. At the moment, AATCC GCUF Chapter,  Faculty Advisor/ Senior member AATCC Mr shahid Adeel along with his team Ms Sana Rafi and Mr Muhammad Abdul Mustaan  also showed their products of natural dyes and gave a brief introduction of sustainable textiles to the guests.

3rd Colour & Chem Expo was conducted at Expo Centre Lahore on 25-26 February 2017. Like last year , this time the colour chem expo was very excellent and a lot of community  from textiles, academics as well as market were gathered there to see the new products. AATCC MEMBERS  from GCUF Chapter  Mr Abdul Mustaan, Mr Muhammad Jahangir and Mr Muhammad Qasim visited the expo and met the distributors of dyes and colours from national and foreign countries , and visited various stalls.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought” the theme behind the workshop entitled “Technical and Patent Writing” has been conducted by Department of Chemistry University of Agriculture Faisalabad at January, 28, 2017. The members of AATCC-GCUF CHAPTER, Mr. Muhammad Jahangeer, Mr. Muhamad Abdul Mustaan, Ms. Khadija , Ms. Ayesha, Mr. Muhammad Usman Iqbal, participated in that workshop. The lecturers given in the workshop were on MICROSOFT WORD USAGE, CHEM DRAW, REPORT WRITING , THESIS WRITING ,RESEARCH PAPER WRITING , PUBLISHING MANUSCRIPTS ,PATENT WRITING , STATISTICAL ANALYSIS and END-NOTE TRAINING . It was very informative workshop for the students because of very important lecturers for researchers to learn how to write the paper, patent, articles as well as to draw chemical structures. They were also briefed on each aspects based on the fact that “writing is thinking to write well, is to think clearly that’s why it is so hard”. The participant all over the country were there to join such a good , impressive and full of knowledge workshop. At the end certificates were distributed among the participants, and chem draw, end note and other related materials were also installed in the laptops of the participants to get benefits practically. 



A meeting was held  with new  students of AATCC GCUF CHAPTER RESEARCH GROUP under the Chair of Mr Ali Ahmad Khan  and Ms. Fatima Batool on 09-11-2016. They told the students about the activities of research group of AATCC GCUF Chapter, their role in  research regarding natural and synthetic dyes using modern tools as well the importance of AATCC membership. They also told about the uses of their membership for reading magazines, research articles, newly workshops and current scenario of textiles  Ms. Sana Rafi(M.Phil Schola)  General secretary was made the student mentor of members who are working on natural dyes while Ms. Tayyaba  Ayesha (M.Phil Scholar) was made the student mentor  of members who are working on synthetic dyes.  At the moment Faculty Advisor Mr Shahid Adeel also announced that recently two members of AATCC -GCUF CHAPTER  under guidance  of Faculty Advisor has written two book chapters which will be published in coming year 2017,as well as three research papers published in international reputed journal such as Oxidation Communications  and J Natural Fibers and Radiation Physics and Chemistry which is  one of the great achievement of AATCC-GCUF CHAPTER.The faculty advisor also announced that   there will a competition among students on basis of their research activities and those who will compete will be nominated for Student of the chapter, treasurer of the chapter and media officer of the chapter. It was also decided that  at the end of every month there will be a meeting of research group of AATCC GCUF chapter , in which every member will present his/her work and progress and their well documented work will be sent for publication to  AATCC J Research for publication  under umbrella of AATCC-GCUF CHAPTER. The faculty advisor also asked the members to tell about the benefits of AATCC  to their other class mates to join the chapter as well and  the chapter officers to arrange a tour for the new members to visit the textile units , research bodies etc to see the practical work going in industry. At the end the the chair of the group urged that all members should work , learn  and make their group more charming with their healthy activities of  research and other co-curricular activities.


The faculty advisor of AATCC -GCUF Chapter Mr Shahid Adeel  visited  Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB)  Jhang Road Faisalabad with his new Research group of AATCC GCUF Chapter. They met with the Dr Nasim Akhtar DSO   and in-charge  of Radiation section for collaboration in role of noval techniques in natural dyeing process. She also gave a wide briefing on his experience in different fields related to textiles, environment  and pharmaceuticals.  The visit includes Mr Ali Ahmad khan vice Chair, Ms Sana Rafi (M.Phil scholar ) , Ms. Maria Jannat (M.Phil scholar) , Ms Tayyaba (M.Phil Scholar) and  Mr Muhammad Mustaan (BS Student).  Student will work  on natural dyes under his guidance and a joint publications will be made in international reputed journals. Initially some samples of various natural dyes and natural fabrics have been sent for radiation treatment and further analysis.

14689023_689104464576214_1986704469_o 14797513_1113301688755922_1718362131_n

Members of AATCC GCUF Chapter visited Tides Garments Stitching unit Faisalabad, on 18-08-2016, where Faculty Advisor Mr Shahid Adeel Lecturer Chemistry  and Owner of Tides Garments Faisalabad Pakistan Mr Rana Amjad described the dyeing process form yarn to fabric and from fabric to  dyeing and stitching  of garments. During discussion Mr Rana Amjad offered valuable help for AATCC members to work with them  on dyeing aspects of hosiery stuffs and he also promised to fund the projects running under the mentor of Mr Shahid Adeel PhD Scholar Applied Chemistry/ Lecturer Chemistry . In this visit Chair of AATCC GCUF Chapter Mr  Muhammad Kamran, Vice Chair Mr Ali Ahmad,  Ms. Sana Rafi (General Secretary) Ms.  Fatima Batool ( Joint Secretary), Ms. Maria Jannat ( Event Secretary) along with new students were also there who took a great interest in viewing  every section of stitching unit of hosiery stuff.

The faculty advisor of the AATCC student chapter made a visit to  research and development laboratory of RAINBOW DYE TECH pvt (ltd) Faisalabad.  There was a fruitful discussion on the  synthesis and application  of reactive and direct dyes using noval techniques.  AATCC GCUF Chapter advisor  Mr Shahid Adeel and Lab Manager Mr Iqbal Shah agreed to make a good collaboration between Eco-friendly Textile  Lab of AATCC-GCUF Chapter and Rainbow Dye Tech Lab, where the knowledge and  practical experience will be shared. New dyes will be synthesized in Rainbow Dye Tech lab and will be applied in Eco-friendly Textile Lab . From this collaboration not only students will learn the new dimension of textile dyeing but also will gain the new aspects of practical applications which will also help them in their future career.  This collaboration is one  of another good step for AATCC-GCUF Chapter members who are working on eco-friendly  textile processing.

Members of AATCC  GCUF chapter visited Jannat Kamal Viewing Industry Faisalabad  on 11-07-2016 under mentoring of Mr Shahid Adeel advisor AATCC research group. The students  visited every point of viewing sector  from yarn to fabric process. They  have been guided  by the Owner of industry and briefed  about warp, wept, machine processing, fabric preparation , initial finishing , and  cutting process. The staff of industry also breifed the students about the loss duirng fabric preparation and how to over come this loss


Institute  of Home and Food Sciences Govt College University Faisalabad organized one day workshop for CHUNRI MAKING ( TIE AND DYE), DRAPING AND AUTO CAD  on May 19, 2015. Ms. Sana Rafi (General Secretary) , Ms. Maria Jannat (Officer In-charge) and Ms. Ayesha Siddiqa of AATCC GCUF CHAPTER participated  in workshop and learnt how to tie- dye the fabrics.


One Day Workshop
April 6, 2016
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An informative lecture was delivered by Respected Prof. Dr Munir Ozturk from Malaysia  by AATCC-GCUF Chapter. The Chairperson Department of Botany , Dr Naeem Iqbal and Mr Shahid Adeel Faculty Advisor/Lecturer  AATCC-GCUF CHAPTER organized this seminar.  Chair of the chapter, Mr Muhmmad  Kamran, Vice- Chair Mr Muhmmad Ali, Gen Secretary. Ms. Sana Rafi, Media in-charge Ms. Fatima Batool, AATCC members and students were present  . Prof. Dr Munir Ozturk beautifully explained the process to get scholarship as well as research grants from various funding agencies such as  National Research Council, IDB, OIC etc.He also urged that students  should  not only explore the research fields of plants in various walks of life such as textiles, fertilizers etc but also improve their writing skills to get good opportunities.

Prof. Dr Munir Ozturk visited Eco-Friendly Textile Lab of AATCC-GCUF Chapter. He discussed on extraction and various expects of Natural Dye yielding plants with students and give useful tips and hints to improve textile dyeing processes. All members of AATCC were there to discuss the extraction, dyeing and mordanting and other applications of dye yielding plants.

National textile university conducted one day All Pakistan Dice -Textile 2016 innovation event on March 21, 2016.  Dr Sumaila Kiran Assistant Professor Department of Applied Chemistry & Biochemistry, Govt. College University Faisalabad  and members of AATCC-GCUF chapter participated in the event. The title of the project was Business plan for industrial and domestic plant for water treatment.  Ms. Sana Rafi (Gen Secretary) , Ms. Fatima Batool and (Media In-charge AATCC-GCUF Chapter) along with other students also visited the stalls

Faculty Advisor Mr shahid Adeel Lecturer Chemistry/Senior Member AATCC  along with Chair AATCC-GCUF Chapter Mr Muhammad Kamran, Vice Chair Mr Muhammad Ali, Gen Secretary Ms. Sana Rafi, Media in-charge Ms Fatima Batool along with students visit 2nd Colour and Chem Expo March 5, 2016 at Civic  Convention Centre Faisalabad Pakistan. We met  with different technical people of dyes and chemicals from Pakistan, India, China, Spain , Hong Kong, Taiwan and discuss our ideas with them and recent advances in textile fields. We also got some dye samples for our research Lab. The students found this visit very useful, full of charm, interesting as well full of knowledge .

Faculty Advisor AATCC-GCUF Chapter  Mr Shahid Adeel  Lecturer Chemistry  and Mr Muhammad Kamran Chair of AATCC-GCUF Chapter visited Sohaib Dyes and Chemicals Jhang Road Faisalabad Pakistan. The owner Mr Muhammad Arshad Mayo  discussed the application of reactive, direct and disperse dyes in hoisery textiles. The advisor also discussed about the research work of students working under chapter.  The owner of Sohaib Dyes and Chemical  agreed to support  the work of students under his guidance in both natural and synthetic dyeing application. He also showed the new shades of direct, disperse and reactive dyes and donated some samples to the students for improvement of R & D of his company.

An industrial tour was conducted on December 23, 2015  by AATCC-GCUF chapter to Noor Fatima Textile  Faisalabad Pakistan. The Faculty Members, Mr Shahid Adeel, Dr Abdullah Ijaz , Ms Kinza Aslam and Mr Kashif Zafar as well as student of colour chemistry of Applied Chemistry Department Govt. College University Faisalabad  and members of AATCC -GCUF Chapter joined the tour.
Mr Zafar Iqbal  Manager Quality Control Lab welcomed the students and faculty members for their study tour. He introduced every sections of Textile unit from desizing, bleaching, scouring, mercerization, dyeing ( continuous, exhaust, pad), printing process in detail.  The students took a great step in every section of  textile unit from spinning to packing and discussed every process. The students also obse4rved in detail the quality  control lab and its working   The manager Mr Zafar Iqbal was  also invited  by Mr Shahid Adeel, Faculty Advisor/Lecturer  of  AATCC-GCUF chapter to deliver a lecture on recent trends in textile industry in upcoming seminar. He also urged the students of colour chemistry to  work under umbrella of AATCC-GCUF through joint collaboration as intern or as a research on application of textile dyeing section.
At the end the students and faculty members were given a short refreshment by the management of Noor Fatima Textile Pakistan . After the  unit tour, the students were gathered at a near by park.

A tour was conducted December 2015 under guidance of  faculty Advisor and Senior member AATCC Mr Shahid Adeel Lecturer Chemistry  of AATCC-GCUF Chapter , along with AATCC members to visit a unit of natural dyes. The owner Mr Muhammad Aslam told  about its experience on natural dyes and showed us the shawls, towels, and other natural dyed stuff which was hand  made. He also discussed the  possible utility of natural dyes in house hold stuffs and asked to  help  our AATCC members who are working on natural dyes along with joint collaboration.  Senior member AATCC and faculty advisor AATCC-GCUF Chapter  Mr Shahid Adeel Lecturer Chemistry, Ms. Zanobia Mehreen (General Secretary), Mr. Shah Nawaz ( Joint Secretary), Ms. Maria Amurzish( Event Secretary), Ms. Iqra gull (Officer In-charge), Mr Muneed Siddique (Member AATCC) and  Ms Sana Rafi (Member AATCC) invited Mr Muhammad Aslam  to deliver a lecture on revival of natural dyes in upcoming event in Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan.

Govt. Colege University Faisalabad celebrated the foundation day on 8th December, 2015. On that day Job Fair was also conducted for the students to give the opportunities to fresh understudying  graduates  and graduates for their internship as well as their job .  The chair of AATCC-GCUF Chapter,  Mr. Muhammad Kamran, Gen Sec. Ms. Zanobia Mehreen along with Faculty Advisor Mr Shahid Adeel visited the job fair.

The first meeting was held on Saturday 21-11-2015 at 3 p.m. after the return from visit of Haris Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad Pakistan.

The meeting was chaired by Ms. Zanobia Mehreen (General Secretary)  where as  Mr Muhammad Kamran (Chair) ,  Mr. Ali Ahmad (Vice Chair) , Mr. Shah Nawaz ( Joint Secretary),  Ms. Maria Amurzish( Event Secretary), Ms. Iqra Gull (Officer In-charge)  and Mr . Shahid Adeel (Faculty Advisor) along with other chapter members were also present.

In the meeting it has been decided that

1-  an innovative seminar on recent trends in textiles  should be conducted in mid of January  2016

2- The certificates should be provided by AATCC office and designe of certificate will be provided by the AATCC-GCUF chapter. Where as, the  charges for certificate  production will be given to AATCC.

4- Speakers from various  textile /academia will be hired for delivering lectures to students  and one video lecture should be given by any technical person from AATCC head office  via skype.

5- The entry fees for students should be 5 $ (500 PKR) while for faculty members  it must be 10$ (1000 PKR) in order to meet the expenses of  certificates , materials and lunch and tea.

At last all members agreed on these points and aimed to start work on it in first week of December 2015.

On Saturday we visited Haris Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad Pakistan along with chapter officers and members. There we discussed the use of synthetic and natural dyers and Pigments in textiles. The members also visited the plants and see the synthesis processes of  pigments . The owner and Executive Director Harris Dyes and Chemicals Faisalabad Pakistan told about his services  in the field of dyes and  pigments. He also appreciated the  start of AATCC-GCUF chapter and also  offered his services any time the chapter needed for training  and mentoring the research work in field of dyes and pigments.

Chapter visit to  Noor Fatima Textile pvt Limited Faisalabad along with chair and  vice chair of  AATCC GCUF chapter. Pics are below. Pics are with Mr Zafar Iqbal Manager QA & QC Noor Fatima Textile pvt Limited Faisalabad Pakistan. The chapter discussed recent advances in textiles and inclusion of research students of color chemistry as research internees.


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