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Everything you need to know about starting and growing a chapter.
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Sample Chapter Bylaws

Fill in the red text to customize for your school. Be sure to send your updated bylaws to the AATCC Membership Department.
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Fund your AATCC Student Chapter!
Is your student chapter looking for funding programs, events, or other educational opportunities to enhance the AATCC student chapter experience?
AATCC Student Chapters can now receive funding through a refund of 50% of their total student membership dues.
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How to Form a Student Chapter and FAQ’s
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Newsletter Articles

17 Things All Grads Need to Know(7/8/2014)

AATCC Students: Become Industry Professionals


Student Chapter Officers Discount: Student Chapter officers can receive one-year free extension of membership (AATCC will not refund memberships) for every 15 (paying) AATCC Student Members (as of the May 1st membership count). The chapter officers should decide which of them receives the free membership (with approval from the Faculty Advisor). The students are responsible for contacting and alerting Membership Services to claim this benefit


Student Graduation Gift: Graduating AATCC student members are eligible for the student rate and benefits for two years after graduation.