C2C Merchandising Competition


2020 C2C Student Merchandising Competition

Develop a business model, determine a marketing strategy, and create merchandising tools and products for an integrated apparel line for office/work attire that is timeless in terms of sustainability, quality, and style. The line must incorporate a color palette with at least 3 non-neutral, fashion colors (such as fuchsia, turquoise, jade, etc). NO UNIFORMS!
All portions of entry due by 11am US EST April 22, 2020

Educational Component 


  • 1st place: US$1350 from AATCC
  • 2nd place: US$850 from AATCC
  • 3rd place: US$300 from AATCC

Team entries will divide the prize among all members:

Optional Award

US$500: Cotton Incorporated encourages students
to incorporate cotton into their submissions! In addition to the prizes
above, there will be an additional award of US$500 for winning entries
that choose to incorporate 75% or more of cotton in their apparel line.

* All award winners will also receive one year free AATCC Student Membership



For further information, contact Manisha Patel; +1 919 549 3523

Past Winners