C2C Merchandising Competition


2018 AATCC C2C® Merchandising Competition

Conduct a business model, determine a marketing strategy, develop merchandising tools and products for an integrated new apparel line focused and inspired for a specific outdoor or indoor athletic activity (cycling, running, group fitness, hiking, etc.).
Criteria for the new line MUST include the following:
1.Transition from activity to everyday wear
2. Incorporate a use case and supply chain of a realistic technology (e-textiles, chemical technologies, materials technologies, etc).

Entries Due April 24, 2018


* All award winners will also receive one year free AATCC Student Membership

Optional Award: Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated

  • US$500: Entries that choose to incorporate 75% or more of cotton in their apparel line are eligible for an additional US$500 sponsored prize from Cotton Incorporated.




For further information, contact Manisha Patel; +1 919 549 3523

Past Winners