Debra HibbardJune 24, 2020 Foundation Newsletter


My name is Rebekah Busick and I am a graduating senior at NC State University come December of this year.  My major is Polymer and Color Chemistry with an American Chemical Society Certification concentration.  In my major, I enjoy learning about how color is perceived and how color can be applied to a wide variety of materials.  Currently, I am interning at Cotton Incorporated in the Textile Chemistry Research department.  My internship has increased my knowledge of the textile and dyeing industry immensely and allowed me to narrow down what I want my future career to look like. I aspire to work in the cosmetics or dyeing industry, and I appreciate how my major allows me to pursue virtually any industry I’m interested in.  Aside from academics, I enjoy playing disc golf, doing Sudoku puzzles, baking, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I want to express extreme gratitude to AATCC Foundation for choosing me as a recipient of the Charles H. Stone Scholarship.  It is a huge blessing that will allow me to focus more on jump starting my career upon graduation without having to worry about my finances.  AATCC has provided me with so many incredible opportunities that I would not have thought were possible.  I plan on being an active member of AATCC upon graduation and am eager to contribute to the textile industry through my education and future career.

Nathan Weingarth: I would first like to express my gratitude for being selected as the recipient of the Charles H. Stone Scholarship. Awards like these have allowed me the freedom of not having to stress about finances or student debt as I have pursued my education, which has, in turn, allowed me to be successful in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, I can usually be found watching or playing sports, which takes up a large part of my free time. I also love to be outdoors in any capacity, including being on the lake or going for hikes. As I complete my undergraduate studies this fall, I hope to enter the aerospace industry and focus on composite engineering. I have always had a passion for flight and hope to be able to make a significant contribution to making flight safer and more environmentally friendly through the advancement of composite fibers and resin systems. Thank you again for this incredible recognition.


I am David Gillie, a rising senior at NC State University’s College of Textiles, studying Polymer and Color Chemistry.  This summer, I am a Research and Development Intern at TerraCycle Loop, where I am working toward sustainable solutions through materials testing, waste stream identification, and product life cycle analysis.  In the future, I would like to use my knowledge of chemistry to pursue higher education in textiles or material science.  Ultimately, I want to use my skills to work toward a more sustainable textile industry.




Hello, my name is Matthew Kretzmer from Greenville, SC. Some of my favorite activities include playing ultimate Frisbee, golfing, playing videogames, and just hanging out with friends. I am very involved in church, and I spend a lot of time with the college group there. While on Clemson’s campus, I love going to the sports events and playing intramural sports. I am currently doing a co-op with Ascend Performance Materials, where I have been learning a lot about the production of nylon 6,6. I will be graduating in December and my future goal is to use my materials science degree in the field of aerospace. For me, the Charles Stone Scholarship is a way that I can achieve my goals of getting my materials science degree, while still being able to enjoy my college experience. This scholarship allows me to spend more time with friends, Clemson clubs, and schoolwork, instead of having to spend it working. I am extremely thankful to AATCC for this scholarship!!



Shane Harrington
: I am a rising junior at NC State University studying Polymer & Color Chemistry with a concentration in Medical Sciences. Currently, I am heavily involved in my community through participation in various medical service-based clubs, including volunteering at my local hospital. For enjoyment, I am a competitive powerlifter, and a member of the NC State Bass fishing team. Receiving this scholarship, I am beyond grateful for the financial help this gives to me, and my family as I pursue a higher education, and my future career.



Gavin Samuel Frisco
: I just want to start by saying thank you for this opportunity as I am so grateful. I like to think that the Charles H. Stone Scholarship is recognition within the textile community of my hard work. I have never been rewarded a scholarship and it is amazing to finally be recognized by such a great organization. The Charles H. Stone Scholarship will be beneficial to me by lessening my financial burden and allowing me to focus more on school. Not only does it help me financially, but it encourages me to work harder. I thank AATCC for this generation gift, and I aim to keep up the hard work!




Deja Herelle: I am a Junior from Garner NC, studying Fashion and Textile Design with a concentration in Fashion Design at North Carolina State University. This past year, I gained a lot of experience through my major, working for a wedding alteration shop outside of school, as well as being part of the SOAR program at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles. SOAR has allowed me to work in the Knitting, Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing and Finishing labs at NCSU. Because of this program, I was exposed to the manufacturing and technical side of textiles, as well as AATCC. This exposure gave me a different perspective when it came to designing. I am honored to be receiving the Piedmont Section Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year. With the help of this scholarship, I will be continuing my education in textiles and pursuing a career in technical design. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to another year of gaining experience in addition to becoming well-rounded in the textile field. Thank you AATCC!



Lauren Swift: I am currently doing research on self-healing polymers with Dr Urban’s research group within Clemson University Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Department. I will be graduating with my bachelors in MSE and a minor in chemistry in the spring. I hope to pursue a career in the development of new and innovative materials, in addition to furthering my education wherever my life may take me.




 My name is Sarah Palmer and I’m a senior at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles, studying Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Product Development. I have a passion for technical design and plan to pursue it professionally; I enjoy solving problems through fit and designing clothing for every body type. I am the president of the professional textile fraternity Phi Psi, an active member of the NCSU chapter of AATCC, and have been part of campus and national leadership for Period, which is an international women’s health service organization. During the school year, I enjoy working as a teaching assistant where I help students grasp and apply concepts in Computer-Aided Design, sewing and Patternmaking. I am extremely grateful to receive the Piedmont Section Scholarship. It is gratifying to receive acknowledgment for the effort I have put into my work and education. Through this scholarship and the financial aid it brings, I will be able to clearly focus on my design and portfolio, as well as dedicate more time to helping other students through my work as a TA.


Jessica Schwendeman: I am a North Carolina native and am proud to call North Carolina’s textile heritage my own. I was homeschooled from second grade until I graduated high school, and this unique form of schooling allowed me to explore my interests and cultivate skills that will soon become my life’s work. From a young age, I was obsessed with fabrics of all kinds and continually cut, sewed, and played with them. I am now a rising junior at NC State University in Textile Engineering, and I’m happy to say that my love of textiles is still strong. For this reason, I’m honored to be a recipient of the Piedmont Section Scholarship from AATCC Foundation. This scholarship will be instrumental in allowing me the freedom to pursue my educational goals without financial worries. I hope it will allow me to invest myself in student research and extra textile education opportunities which will broaden my knowledge of the field I love. Furthermore, receiving the Piedmont Section Scholarship gives me confidence in the strong support network of textile experts in my community. I am deeply grateful to AATCC Foundation for providing me with this life-changing opportunity.


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