Diana WymanDecember 17, 2021 Press Release

In recognition of her active leadership, participation, and support of the AATCC Student Chapter at Thomas Jefferson University, Janet Brady is this year’s recipient of the AATCC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Award. Brady became a member of AATCC while a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1975. She has been an advisor with the AATCC Student Chapter at Thomas Jefferson University since 1996.

Education, Career & Activities

Brady received an AAS in Textile Technology from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1977, where she graduated cum laude. She completed a BS in Textile Technology from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences in 1979 and an MS in Textile Engineering from Philadelphia University in 1999.

Brady went to work for Crown Textile Company as a textile technologist from 1979 to 1981. In 1981, she joined Philadelphia University as supervisor of the Grundy Materials Evaluation Laboratory and in 1986, became an adjunct instructor. While an adjunct instructor, she also served as an instructor of the Textile Testing Training Program and developed and taught or co-taught onsite textile testing training programs nationally internationally (2000-2002). In 2002, Brady became an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering and Textiles at Philadelphia University. From 2004 through 2012, she served as a Leader of Materials Evaluation with the Laboratory for Engineering Human Protection (LEHP) and as a member of the LEHP Garment and Comfort Teams. In 2005, she became program coordinator of Textile Engineering Technology. In 2008, Brady was promoted to Associate Professor at the School of Design & Engineering at Philadelphia University.

From 2014 through 2015, Brady was the lead investigator of the Warrior Web Research Project, a DARPA-funded project to develop an exoskeleton supporting pack weight for soldiers (a subcontractor to the University of Delaware). In 2015, she became Faculty Director of Grundy Materials Evaluation Laboratory. In July 2017, Philadelphia University joined with Thomas Jefferson University. That same year, Brady was promoted to Associate Professor in the School of Design & Engineering at the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering, & Commerce, Thomas Jefferson University. In 2020, she became Faculty Director of the Bruner Materials Characterization Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University.

Throughout her academic career, Brady has taught students in laboratory settings and classrooms. She has supervised graduate research and served as a graduate thesis committee chair and committee member for Textile Engineering MS students. She also assisted all MSTE and Ph.D. students in utilizing Grundy Laboratory and served as an upper-level academic adviser to students majoring in Textile Materials Technology

Brady is the recipient of the 2020 Thomas Jefferson University Award for Outstanding Teaching. She has published peer-reviewed papers and made several presentations, including at AATCC conferences and symposia. She is a member of the AATCC Delaware Valley Section and serves on its scholarship committee (2014 – present); she also served as past chair of the Delaware Valley Section (2008 – 2014).

The Association presented the AATCC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Award to Brady during the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit Awards Luncheon held on Thursday, November 18 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, NC, USA.

AATCC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Award

The AATCC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Award recognizes and promotes the work of AATCC student chapter faculty advisors who are active AATCC members and who work to ensure their AATCC student chapters are active and growing.

For more information on the AATCC Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Award, visit aatcc.org/awards/


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