Diana WymanAugust 1, 2023 Foundation Newsletter

AATCC Foundation awards thousands of dollars per year to students studying in textile-related fields. Congratulations to all recipients for the 2023-2024 academic year!

In addition to direct funding for tuition, Foundation scholars receive free registration for the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit in September and one year of complimentary AATCC membership to help them connect with industry professionals and launch a career in textiles. Scholarship recipient Madi Petri said, “I am so thankful to the AATCC Foundation and to those on the Charles H. Stone Scholarship committee for giving me this incredible opportunity. I look forward to seeing other AATCC members at the 2023 Textile Discovery Summit.”

To support future generations of textile scholars, donate to the AATCC Foundation at www.aatcc.org/foundation/#donate.

Students, the application for 2024-2025 scholarships opens November 1. The application for research support grants is open now through October 15! Visit www.aatcc.org/foundation/#grants for more information about funding for your undergraduate or graduate research.

Charles H. Stone Scholars

The $6,000 Stone scholarship is available to students studying polymer or textile chemistry at North Carolina State University or Clemson University.

Sophie Frain, Junior, Polymer and Color Chemistry, North Carolina State University

Sruthi Koppol, Junior, Polymer and Color Chemistry, North Carolina State University

Emma Myer-Medina, Senior, Polymer & Color Chemistry, North Carolina State University

 Madigan Petri, Sophomore, Polymer and Color Chemistry, North Carolina State University

Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholar

This $6,000 scholarship is awarded to up to two students per year at the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Helen Liu, Junior, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Gordon & Marjorie Osborne Scholar

Osborne scholars receive $5,000 toward undergraduate education in textile engineering, textile chemistry, textile science or a related discipline.

Nika Sumikawa, Junior, Textile Technology, North Carolina State University

Woodruff Textile Manufacturing Scholar

The Percy W. Woodruff Jr. Textile Manufacturing Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship supporting a non-traditional, undergraduate student in Clemson University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

Marcus Murdoch, Junior, Materials Science and Engineering, Clemson University

More Scholars

This year, AATCC Foundation is providing scholarships to about 25 students at 8 universities in programs ranging from fashion design to materials engineering. Learn about other 2023-2024 scholarship recipients at www.aatcc.org/foundnews.

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