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- Ad Close: 11/22/17
- Art Due: 12/05/17
Descriptive Technologies:
- Descriptive manufacturing technologies and channels
Textile technologies, textile manufacturing, textile finishes, textile marketing and merchandising
- Ad Close: 1/30/18
- Art Due: 2/05/18
- Textile recycling
- How recycled materials change fashion
Moisture Managment
- Moisture management: technologies, challenges, testing
Sustainability, fashion, moisture management, performance fabrics
- Ad Close: 3/27/18
- Art Due: 4/05/18
Performance Fabrics:
- Temperature-sensitive fabrics
- Performance-enhancing fibers and finishes
Performance fabrics, fibers, finishes
- Ad Close: 5/30/18
- Art Due: 6/05/17
Color Measurement and Coloration:
- Natural Dyes
LED Lighting-color measurement and testing
Dyeing, coloration, lighting, color measurement, color testing
- Ad Close: 7/26/18
- Art Due: 8/02/18
Fibers and Finishes:
- Bio-based fibers
- Fiber-based composites
- Finishes for comfort and protection
Fibers, finished, sustainability, comfort, protective fabrics, high-tech fibers and fabrics
- Ad Close: 9/26/18
- Art Due: 10/04/18
Catering to Consumers:
- Care labeling-challenges in harmonization
- Textiles for home safety-the smart carpet
Care labeling, textile testing, supply chain, carpeting, e-textiles
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