Permissions and Copyright

AATCC’s publications are copyrighted. Before you make photocopies or share content, please make sure you have the proper permission.

Before Publication

  • Authors must sign a copyright form before manuscripts are considered for publication.
    • Conference presenters should also sign a copyright form.
    • For exceptions, contact AATCC.
  • AATCC does not accept previously-published manuscripts. (AATCC will consider
    conference papers published only in the AATCC Conference Proceedings, with the permission of the conference organizer.)
  • Authors must provide written permission (from the copyright holder) for use of any previously-published text, tables, figures, and photographs in their work.
  • Authors must provide written permission from each person shown (or his/her guardian) in submitted photographs.

After Publication

  • Authors retain all rights to their data for use in future research and publications. Authors are granted generous rights to their published work, but must contact AATCC before distribution. (Complete Author Permission Request.)
  • The Author Permission Request form is for personal uses of the work only. Authors or their companies/institutions wishing to use the work for promotional or commercial purposes should contact Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

For questions regarding appropriate uses of published material, contact AATCC.

Personal Uses

  • See Author Permission Request form
  • Curriculum vitae or professional portfolio
  • Posting to personal website or personal page of company site
  • Republish a selected table or figure in future work
  • Use a selected table or figure in a PowerPoint or poster presentation
  • Classroom handouts or reserves

Commercial Uses

  • Contact CCC
  • Promotional brochure
  • Posting to company site as news or resource material
  • Republish full article in a textbook
  • Republish full or excerpted article in a conference book of papers
  • Tradeshow handouts

AATCC Copyright Policy

  • Copyright for content published in AATCC journals, newsletters, books, e-books, or on its website, belongs to AATCC unless otherwise noted.
  • No permission is required for “fair use” of copyrighted material.
  • For other uses, please contact Copyright Clearance Center (+1.978.750.8400) for permission. The ISSN for AATCC Review is 1532-8813.

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