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  • LAST CALL: Award & Officer Nominations

    Staff March 17, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

    LAST CALL: Award & Officer Nominations Award Nominations due March 31 Officer Nominations due March 31 AATCC is its members. Please take a moment to recognize a deserving colleague for a job well done or for leadership potential. Nominations for several awards, as well as President-elect and Regional Board Members are open through the end […]

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  • Untangling the Web: Recycling Cotton-Polyester Blends

    Staff March 10, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

    By J. Michael Quante, AATCC science editor   Greater than the Sum of its Parts… Creating fabrics with fiber blends is a mainstay of our industry, combining fabric properties that can lead to greater wearability, durability, easy-care properties, affordability, and multi-functionality (e.g., athleisure wear). Leading the pack by a wide margin are cotton-polyester blends (or […]

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  • 2020 Technical Manual:  For use locally; For use Globally

    Staff February 18, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

    By Erika Simmons   Although we are proudly called the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, AATCC has long been widely recognized within the textile industry as a primary producer of textile testing methods.  AATCC test methods and procedures are used in manufacturing facilities and testing laboratories around the world.  We are truly an […]

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  • Sustainability: The Next Generation

    Guest February 4, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

    By John Russel Jones   Global student climate strikes held in 2019 were a clear demonstration that the next generation is taking climate change much more seriously than its predecessors. While many in the fashion and related industries do what they can to mitigate the impact of centuries of bad behavior (starting with the Industrial […]

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  • Bringing Fabrics Alive with Special Pigments and Finishes

    Guest January 7, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

    By Kim Anderson   Innovative effects achieved through specialty pigments and finishes bring a shot of glamour to fabrics. To continue to be competitive in the textile industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to maintain and rebuild interest in their product line. Some are accomplishing this herculean task by devising innovative ways to bring […]

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  • Rent the Wrong Way: What’s Tech Got to Do With It?

    Guest December 3, 2019 AATCC Newsletter

    Rent the Wrong Way: What’s Tech Got to Do With It? by Craig Crawford Fashion rentals and subscription models are big digital businesses that are proving to be only as strong as the tech stacks beneath them. The recent consumer outcry in September, when Rent the Runway temporarily stopped new subscriptions and ceased shipping due […]

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  • Reducing Textile & Apparel Waste

    Member November 5, 2019 AATCC Newsletter

    Reducing Textile & Apparel Waste By Ritu Jadwani, Delaware Valley Section The cutting stage of garment manufacturing creates the largest amount of pre-consumer fabric wastage. If cutting can be simplified or improved, the waste can be reduced to a large extent. Textile waste can be divided into pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. The pre-consumer waste is […]

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