AATCC News Releases



News ReleaseS
Apr. 18 Future Leaders Award Presented to Kiarash Arangdad at International Conference
Apr. 18 Future Leaders Award Presented to Apurba Banerjee at International Conference
Apr. 16 AATCC Future Leaders Award Presented to Ryan Stanley at International Conference
Apr. 15 Future Leaders Award Presented to Meredith McQuerry at International Conference
Mar. 21 Patrick Gruber to Receive AATCC Millson Award
Mar. 18 Call for Papers: Sustainability Special Issue in AATCC Journal
Mar. 14 Chapin Award
Mar. 7 AATCC Honors Howard C. Malpass with the Olney Medal
Feb. 19 AATCC Publishes International Standard for Resistance of E-Textiles
Feb. 7 Program Announced for AATCC 2019 International Conference
Jan. 11 AATCC Announces 2019-2020 Ballot Results for Elective Offices
Jan. 3 AATCC Adds New Sponsor Adobe to 2019 C2C Student Design Competition


News ReleaseS
Dec. 14 AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Scholarship Campaign
Dec. 5 AATCC To Release 2019 Technical Manual
Nov. 7 Macy’s Joins AATCC and Runway of Dreams Foundation 2019 “Fashion for All” Student Design Competition
Oct. 8 AATCC Launches 2019 Proficiency Programs for Lab Performance Verification
Oct. 3 AATCC and SGIA Announce Digital Textile Printing Conference 3.0
Sept. 25 New Special Events Added to AATCC Committee Week
Aug. 30 AATCC Announces Moisture Management Testing Workshop
Aug. 23 AATCC Announces 2019 Concept 2 Consumer® Student Design Competition
Aug. 14 C2CStudent Merchandising Competition Announced
Aug. 1 Standard Detergent for High-Efficiency Washers
July 19 2018 Apex Award Presented to AATCC for Feature Article in AATCC Review
July 11 AATCC and Runway of Dreams Foundation Announce the 2019 “Fashion for All” Student Design Competition
July 9 AATCC Announces Textile Finishing Symposium
May 29 Winners Announcement – 2018 AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Merchandising Competition
May 23 Winners Announcement – 2018 AATCC C2C Student Design Competition
Apr. 3 AATCC to Conduct Color Management Workshop
Mar. 22 2018 “Fashion for All” Student Design Competition Winners
Mar. 21 Technical Committee on Research Service Award Presented
Mar. 20 J.W. Weaver Paper of the Year Award
Mar. 19 University of Rhode Island Scholarship Increased in Honor of Dr. Martin J. Bide
Feb. 16 Kyllo to Receive Chapin Award for Service to AATCC
Feb. 9 AATCC Honors Hauser with the Olney Medal
Feb. 8 2018 New AATCC Laundering Conditions Approved
Feb. 7 AATCC Adds New Sponsor Browzwear to 2018 C2C Student Design Competition
Jan. 31 AATCC to Conduct Textile Testing Workshop
Jan. 8 New AATCC Executive Vice President
Jan. 5 AATCC Announces Program for 2018 International Conference