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ADR and AATCC: Joint Partners in Textile Progress

The American Dyestuff Reporter (ADR) actively covered textile research and industry events from its inception in 1917 until 1998. ADR was purchased by AATCC in 1999.

AATCC is currently digitizing the entire ADR collection. Members will be able to request ADR issues of interest at no cost from AATCC staff. This project began in 2017 with the most recent ADR issues and will take about a year to complete. The eighty-one years of ADR cover the important developments of textile research, dyeing, finishing, and test method development in the American textile industry, and is a treasure-trove of technical knowledge related to our industry.

AATCC is making the ADR Editorial Index, each year from 1917-1998, available to all online starting in 2017. Those interested in obtaining ADR issues are welcome to join as AATCC members.  Members may contact Membership Services to request pdfs of individual issues.

List of ADR Editorial Indexes
(beginning with the most recent issues and updated on a quarterly basis)

Vol. 87 (1998)Vol. 67 (1978)
Vol. 86 (1997)Vol. 66 (1977)
Vol. 85 (1996)Vol. 65 (1976)
Vol. 84 (1995)Vol. 64 (1975)
Vol. 83 (1994)Vol. 63 (1974)
Vol. 82 (1993)Vol. 62 (1973)
Vol. 81 (1992)Vol. 61 (1972)
Vol. 80 (1991)Vol. 60 (1971)
Vol. 79 (1990)Vol. 59 (1970)
Vol. 78 (1989)Vol. 58 (1969)
Vol. 77 (1988)
Vol. 76 (1987)
Vol. 75 (1986)
Vol. 74 (1985)
Vol. 73 (1984)
Vol. 72 (1983)
Vol. 71 (1982)
Vol. 70 (1981)
Vol. 69 (1980)
Vol. 68 (1979)


      ADR Abstracts Available to Members:
Members can search EBSCO Textile Technology Complete to find abstracts pertaining to ADR articles. However, AATCC may not have digitized a particular article yet. Check the ADR Editorial Indexes page to see if the digital article is available to request from AATCC.