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Grand Opening of Color Solutions New Color Space


By Margo Lockhart, CSI

4On Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 Color Solutions International (CSI) hosted a VIP cocktail reception to unveil their new modern and innovative office, CSI ColorSpace in Charlotte, NC, USA. Guests enjoyed facility tours that allowed them to experience the technological and visual updates to the CSI facilities.

The center piece of the evening was the CSI Color Library. Standing in the middle of CSI ColorSpace is a unique source of fabric with over 5,000 colors. It is illuminated with a state of the art tunable LED lighting network. This new technology makes it possible to customize the space to simulate specific lighting conditions tailored to each customer’s specifications.

CSI also debuted a new software cooperation with Chameleon Power. The software allows for the efficient sorting, searching, rendering, and analyzing of colors and color libraries.

Another evening highlight was meeting CSI’s new Color and Trend Director, Heather Sandwall. Heather joins CSI with 15 years of experience in Home and Apparel Design. Clients were energized by her spring/summer 2018 trend and color concepts.

5This event marks a new chapter of the impressive business growth Color Solutions International has had over recent years. This expansion will allow for more room to create, store, and produce the tools needed to supply better color communication for its customers and their supply chain partners.


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