Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Click the links below to download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for AATCC products. All SDS are provided in English. Alternate formats and translations are the customer’s responsibility.

Blotting Paper (Item #78344A/B/C/D)

Indelible Marking Pens (Item #68376A/B/C/D/E)

Red 40 Dye for Carpet Stain Testing (Item #19140A)

AATCC 1993 Standard Reference Detergent – powder, with brightener (Item #49145A/B)

AATCC 1993 Standard Reference Detergent WOB – powder, without brightener (Item #48349A/B)

AATCC High Efficiency (HE) Liquid Detergent WOB (Item #48805A)

Oxygen Bleach with Activator (Item #48372B)

AATCC Carpet Detergent 171 (Item #48723A)