Maria ThiryFebruary 29, 2024 Press Release

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., March 6, 2024 – AATCC welcomes the Association’s newest Local Section, the Pakistan Section! Pakistan is globally recognized for its rich textile heritage along with its modern presence as an international textile production hub. The founding of the AATCC Pakistan Section is a commitment to empower an innovative, informed, and sustainable future for the local industry.


Founding Officers of the Pakistan Section

Section Chair: Abdul Rahim Chughtai is a distinguished figure in the chemicals, dyes, and auxiliaries industries of Pakistan, renowned for his extensive contributions as Director of the Rainbow Group, established since 1967. As the founding Director and CEO of Rainbow Inks (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2020, he has spearheaded innovation as a pioneer manufacturer of digital textile printing inks in Pakistan. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mr. Chughtai is actively engaged in various business federations, leveraging his expertise to drive industry growth. He also serves as the Exhibition Head & Convener of Color & Chem Expo, Pakistan’s premier platform showcasing advancements in textile dyes, chemicals, and auxiliaries.

Section Vice-Chair North: Dr. Ahsan Nazir, Director of Research, Innovation & Commercialization at the National Textile University (Faisalabad, Pakistan), specializes in textile processing, environmental impacts of textiles, and electro-spun fibers. His work focuses on sustainable solutions for textiles, traceability and transparency, and research advancing textile science.

Section Vice-Chair South: Dr. Muhammad Dawood Husain is working as Professor at the Textile Engineering Department of NED University of Engineering & Technology (NEDUET), Karachi, Pakistan. He heads the Smart Manufacturing and Responsive Textiles Research Group and is an active researcher in the areas of smart textiles, textile sensors, soft robotics, and performance wear. He has been an active AATCC Individual Member and Faculty Advisor for the AATCC NED Chapter since 2013. He has served as an Associate Editor on the AATCC Journal of Research. He is also a recipient of the 2023 AATCC Student Faculty Advisor Award.

Section Secretary: Ahmed Raza is a seasoned professional in business development and project management, known for his strategic prowess and track record of successful project leadership. As the Chief of Marketing & Management at Rainbow Inks (Pvt.) Ltd., he drives business growth and innovation in the field of digital textile printing inks and solutions. Beyond his professional role, Mr. Raza actively participates in community-driven environmental projects, leveraging his business acumen for positive impact.

Section Treasurer: Madiha R. Chughtai is a dynamic professional with expertise in business operations and finance. As the founder of Margins, a digital marketing company, and Chief of Operations & Finance at Rainbow Inks (Pvt.) Ltd., she drives strategic initiatives for efficiency and growth in digital textile printing. With an MSc in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, she brings fresh perspectives to leadership, implementing innovative measures for optimized processes. Committed to community impact, Ms. Chughtai fosters collaboration within the industry and actively supports community initiatives.

Founding Pillar Chairs for the Pakistan Section

The Section will focus on various Pillars for their programs and educational content. Below are the various pillars listed.

Laboratory Testing: Dr. Ahsan Nazir (National Textile University)

Regulatory & Compliance: Rashid ul Haque, Owner & Director of Event and Conference International (Pvt.) Ltd. in Karachi, Pakistan, is a seasoned professional in the exhibition industry. With 28 years of experience and an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Karachi, he brings expertise and vision to his role. Under his leadership, the company excels in providing top-notch exhibition services, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s exhibition landscape.

Chemical Applications: Abdul Aziz Chughtai is a leading figure in Pakistan’s textile chemicals market, holding the position of Director at Rainbow Dye Chem (Pvt.) Ltd. With a robust industry background, he has made substantial contributions to the textile sector nationwide. Mr. Chughtai’s pivotal role in the company is marked by his commitment to innovation and growth. His adept marketing skills and dedication to industry advancement are demonstrated through active participation in various business federations, where he contributes to sector-wide development initiatives.

Sustainability: Dr. Shahid Adeel, an Associate Professor of Applied Chemistry at Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan, is an expert in textile chemistry, specializing in sustainable extraction and application of natural dyes. His research publications underscore his significant contributions to the field. Dr. Adeel consistently ranks among the top 3% and top 2% of scientists at his university, showcasing his commitment to advancing dye research.

Education/Student Engagement: Dr. Muhammad Dawood Husain (NED University of Engineering & Technology)


While the world textile industry deals with new challenges, the establishment of the Pakistan Section speaks to the tenacity and determination of the AATCC membership in Pakistan. The Association looks forward to supporting the current founding members, as well as providing the Section with resources to help them continue growing in the years to come.

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