Diana WymanDecember 27, 2022 Press Release

AATCC connects the global textile community to empower an innovative, informed, and sustainable future. Committee officers and board members are key to keeping maintaining those strong connections. As 2022 ends, AATCC recognizes those who provided leadership and guidance throughout the year.

Special thanks to those who are continuing to another term or taking another leadership role within AATCC. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in getting more involved. Committee leadership is a great way to get experience as well as make connections and establish yourself as a leader in your field! To learn more or volunteer, contact Diana Wyman (diana@aatcc.org) and share your interests.


Research committee officers completing a term at the end of 2022 are:

Jodi Geis, Chair, RA23 Colorfastness to Water

Matthew Hardwick, Chair, RA31 Antimicrobial Activity

Victor Khlolodkov, Chair, RA32 Static Electricity

John Crocker, Chair, RA33 Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants

Brent Smith, Chair, RA49, Insect Resistance & Chair, RA109 Flammability Technology

Alan Buttenhoff, Chair, RA57 Floor Covering

Miranda Klass, Chair, RA59 Fibrous Test Materials

Susan Gassett, Chair, RA60 Colorfastness to Washing

Kiarash Arangdad, Chair, RA63 Water Resistance

Gregg Woodcock, Chair, RA88 Home Laundering Technology

Seshadri Ramkumar, Chair, RA89 Hand Evaluation


Administrative committee officers and appointees completing a term at the end of 2022 are:

Heather Johnson, C2 Executive Committee on Research

Bob Monticello, C2 Executive Committee on Research

Kanti Jasani, Chair, C6 Membership

Philip Brown, C7 Publications

Ram Sabnis, C7 Publications

Brian Francois, C11 Conferences

Sandy Johnson, C11 Conferences

Ram Sabnis, C17 Education Advisory Board

Matthew Marshall, Chair, CS61 Chapin Award

Gang Sun, Chair, CS65 Olney Medal

Ashley Handley, Chair, CS75 AATCC Future Leader Award


Interest group officers completing a term at the end of 2022 are:

Rembert Truesdale III, Chair, Chemical Applications

Peter Hauser, At-large, Chemical Applications

Tom Stutts, Chair, Concept 2 Consumer

Tammie Rollins, At-large, Concept 2 Consumer

Christina Rapa, Chair, Materials

Apurba Banerjee, At-large, Materials

Tyler Pickett, Acting Chair, Rising Professionals

Bryan Ormond, Acting At-large, Rising Professionals


Additional Board of Directors member completing a term at the end of 2022 are:

Harrie Schoots, President

John Crocker, President-elect

Kerry King, Immediate Past President

R Michael Tyndall, Treasurer

Patrick Ayers, Central Atlantic Region Representative

Nelson Houser, Midsouth Region Representative

Ashis Kumar Samanta, Southeast Asia Region Representative

Ashley Handley, Southern Region Representative

Karen Muhlin, Wester Region Representative

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