redsharkdigitalJuly 2, 2018 AATCC Blog

What to do about Microfibers from Textile Laundering?

By: Mike Quante

Water polluted with microfibers, caused in part by the laundering of  textiles made from  synthetic textile fibers, has become an item of global concern. What is being done to address this issue? We will be exploring this over the next several months here in the AATCC Blog.

AATCC is leading the charge with regards to testing for the presence of microfibers in laundering wastewater. AATCC Committee RA 100, Global Sustainability Technology, is developing a new test method, Fiber Release During Laundering: Accelerated.

Also, in our magazine, AATCC Review, a feature article covered the issue with regards to industry needs and response, and consumer education.

If you are interested in participating in microfiber test method development, contact Diana Wyman, AATCC Technical Director. If you would like to discuss your approach to minimizing or testing for microfiber pollution, you can contribute an AATCC Blog article by contacting me.

Opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and not necessarily those of AATCC

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