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Microfiber Pollution News Summary

By: Mike Quante

AATCC Review article: Microfiber Shedding: Hidden Environmental Impact
(September/October 2017)

e-Textile Communications Blog: What’s giving fibers and textiles a bad name now? (July 2018)

C&EN App Note: Analysis of Microplastics using FTIR Imaging (Downloadable)

Microfiber Research Proposes Standardization Test Method

New test method for measuring microplastics shedding

Microplastics Shedding from Polyester Fabrics-Mistra Future Fashion (PDF, lots of referenced, details of test method cited in previous link)

European Industry Unites in the Fight Against Microplastic Release from Washing Synthetic Textiles

As microfibers infiltrate food, water and air, how can we prevent future release? (Part 3 of three part series) in GreenBiz

Oceanic Plastic and Microplastics Research Links

AATCC CA – Ocean Plastic Pollution Sail with Algalita Marine Research Expeditions Science Research Hub (for research reports on microfibers, scroll down to “Publications”, then select “Microfibers” in the left hand pull down menu just below) 2018 Expedition Photos

What’s in Your Laundry? From NCSU College of Natural Resources News 7/30/2018

Open Source Research Articles

Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Global Drinking Water

Plastic microfibre ingestion by deep-sea organisms-Nature Scientific Reports

The deep sea is a major sink for microplastic debris-Royal Society Open Science

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