The AATCC Delaware Valley section includes members in Delaware, Maryland, Southern New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Bylaws (Amended September 2011)

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Chair: Christina Rapa – W L Gore
Vice Chair: Sarah Plautz – W L Gore
Secretary: Kathy Zetune – The Lycra Company
Treasurer: John Dempsey – J S Vila Co

Sectional Committee
Ray Haslam – Wolfe Dye & Bleach
Kelly Cobb – University of Delaware
Kanti Jasani – PTCC
Janet Brady – Thos Jefferson University
Craig Lindeman – W L Gore
Dave Fenstermaker – Huntsman LLC
Mustafa Arifoglu – W L Gore

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Upcoming Activities

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Past Activities

September 1, 2020 – Virtual AATCC Delaware Valley Meeting

Block printing talk and workshop by Professor Jade Papa and Ritu Jadwani, in collaboration with AATCC and Design Center, Jefferson East Falls

This is an introduction talk and workshop, to share the vast collection of blocks at Design Centre & and the art of block printing from India for AATCC members and the Jefferson community.

Audiences can bring with them some colours/paints/dyes as per availability in their house. They are encouraged to scout for objects in their house to print with.

Dye ideas: Turmeric, beet root, ketchup, tamarind paste, soy sauce,old nail paints, old lipsticks, paints
Print objects: Lids, containers, chopsticks, lipsticks, clips, any object with a mark to use as a stamp/block

Audiences can join the workshop and create their own piece of art virtually and share with the community.  Art pieces will be shared on AATCC/Design Center social media channel/newsletters.


January 16, 2020

AATCC Delaware Valley Chapter meeting at Manayunk HQ of start up company, Hemp Black. An incubator from nearby Jefferson University, Hemp Black has the aim of benefiting people and bettering the world through sustainable hemp derived textiles and composites. Current technologies include nano film, ink, and polymer fibers.

AATCC Delaware Valley Winter Meeting: Hemp Black & Manayunk Brewery


October 8, 2019

Delaware Valley Section meeting took place at the Datacolor headquarters. Ken Butts spoke about handheld color measurement tools for designers.


April 25, 2019 – AATCC Delaware Valley Meeting

Join the AATCC Delaware Valley chapter at QVC studios for our Spring 2019 chapter meeting.


January 5, 2019  – AATCC-Delaware Valley  Meeting

Join the AATCC Delaware Valley section at Longwood Gardens this winter. We will be enjoying the “Longwood Christmas” light show (last weekend of the exhibit).


Oct 8, 2018 – AATCC Delaware Valley  Meeting




Oct 10, 2018 – AATCC Delaware Valley Meeting  at Jefferson University




July 15, 2018 – AATCC Delaware Valley  Meeting

April 18, 2018: Section Meeting
December 7, 2017: Section Meeting
September 21, 2017: Section Meeting and Social
September 20, 2016Section Meeting
September 12, 2015Section Meeting
September 12, 2014Section Meeting



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October 4, 2010
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