The Materials Interest Group was formed to stimulate and expand the collective knowledge and development of new materials related to the fiber and fiber products industries via innovative modifications of existing structures and/or creation of unique compositions of matter.

For more information, contact Robina Hogan, Materials interest group chair.

Materials Interest Group Brochure 


  • Materials Researchers and Developers (academic and industrial)
  • Materials and Synthetic Chemists/Scientists
  • Fiber/Fiber Products Manufacturers
  • Fiber Colorant/Chemical Manufacturers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lab Personnel
  • Production Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Anyone interested in delivering new and improved materials to the global consumer!

Areas of Interest

  • Nanotechnology applications in textiles
  • Innovative fibers and fabrics
  • High performance, protective, and health applications
  • Nonwovens technologies
  • Bacterial and microbial resistance
  • Antibiotic uptake and release from textile materials
  • Non-traditional medical textile implants
  • Flame retardant technologies
  • Textile coating enhancements
  • Firefighter and first-responder gear
  • Sensor networks and e-textiles

Activities & Resources

Materials Interest Group Agenda, AATCC Spring Committee Meeting, May 20, 2020
Materials Interest Group Agenda, AATCC Fall Committee Meetings, November 14, 2018|
Materials Discussion Group on LinkedIn


Minutes, May, 2020 Meeting
Minutes, November, 2019 Meeting
Minutes, May 22, 2019 Meeting
Minutes, November 14, 2018 Meeting
Minutes, April 25, 2018 Meeting
Minutes, May 3, 2017 Meeting
Minutes, November 4, 2015 Meeting
Minutes, November 12, 2014 Meeting
Minutes, May 7, 2014 Meeting
Minutes, May 9, 2012 Meeting
Minutes, November 16, 2011 Meeting

October 26 -27, 2009 Innovations Conference (Photos)

The Materials Interest Group meetings during the spring and fall series of AATCC committee meetings.

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