AATCC Individual Member Benefits


What Can You Do with an AATCC Membership?

By joining AATCC, you become a part of 90+ years of tradition. And a modern network of textile professionals. With membership, you receive a number of benefits

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Senior: $125.00 per year
Student: $35.00 per year

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Section Meetings: Local sections allow you to make contacts and share resources in your area. Student chapters hold meetings and events at colleges and universities.
Interest Groups: Three interest groups help you connect with like-minded professionals. Participate in one, two, or all three. There is no additional fee required.
Research, Technology, and Administrative Committees: Stay on top of test method development and AATCC offerings. Everyone is welcome to share opinions and expertise. Senior members may vote on committee ballots.
AATCC Review*: The Association’s award-winning flagship magazine covering textile design, processing, testing, and materials. (Developing Nations members receive electronic version only.)
Electronic AATCC Review*: A PDF replica of the print magazine viewed online, printed, or downloaded to your computer.
AATCC Journal of Research*: The Association’s online-only peer-reviewed journal, covering advanced materials, textile chemistry, and testing.
AATCC News newsletter: Emailed newsletter includes original features, test method development news, and information about upcoming events. Free subscriptions also available for nonmembers.
Membership Database*: Find potential customers, vendors, employers, or consultants. Search by name, company, or location.
AATCC Textile JobSite: Search for textile, apparel, and related industry positions on our site. Updated frequently!
Buyer’s Guide: The best online resource for testing supplies, dyes & chemicals, equipment, consultants, and more. Searchable by anyone, any time.
LinkedIn Group: Join members and other interested individuals online. Make contacts and stay informed. There are also specialized sub-groups for several topics of interest.
Facebook Fan Page: See photos of AATCC activities and get updates on programs and news. You don’t have to be a member to be a fan.
Twitter: Updates, announcements, and info on the go. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation.
Textile Complete: A searchable archive of every article published by AATCC since 1969. PLUS archives of most textile and related literature published around the world, either full-text or abstract. All searchable by keyword, title, author, publication date, and more.
Antimicrobial monograph: A collection of 16 papers about antimicrobial testing and technology. Free download for members.
Sustainability monograph: A collection of 14 papers about textile sustainability. Free download for members
Registration Discounts*: Pay 30% less for AATCC conferences, workshops, and webinars. Students may attend AATCC solely sponsored conferences for free! This offer is not available for limited attendance programs. (Students pay a nominal fee for meals and receptions if they choose to attend.)
Publication Discounts*: Significant discounts on the AATCC Technical Manual and other publications.
Grants & Scholarships: AATCC Foundation and various sections offer generous funding to those studying textile sciences, design, and related subjects.
Student Competitions: Enter student competitions to honer your professional skills, put your name in front of potential employers, and compete for cash prizes of up to US$1,000.
Post Your Resume: Share your experience with AATCC Corporate members and submit your resume!
Receive Free Registration: to AATCC solely-sponsored conferences and educational events.
Receive a Graduation Gift: Graduating AATCC student members are eligible for the student rate and benefits for two years past graduation.