Diana WymanMarch 25, 2022 Press Release

From ubiquitous denim jeans to hidden automotive components and overlooked bone scaffolds, textiles are everywhere, and textile research is everywhere! This year’s AATCC Foundation call for grant proposals generated 29 applications from 14 schools. Of those, 17 projects were funded at nine different universities. Many are not in traditional textile programs. Funded research will take place in undergraduate and graduate chemistry, materials, biomolecular, and agricultural engineering departments across the United States.

AATCC’s founding objectives are to increase knowledge, encourage research, and establish channels of interchange. The AATCC Foundation grant program supports all these objects by funding research and helping students to share their findings. Grants range from $500 to $4,000 for materials and research expenses toward textile-related projects. Recipients may request additional reimbursement of up to $500 for travel and/or registration to present the research project at a technical conference. AATCC publicizes the selected topics and final reports to inspire other members to engage with the work.

A comparison between crosslinked collagen yarns and collagen-coated PLA yarns for rotator cuff tendon repairNC State UniversityYihan Huang Martin King
A novel antiadhesive and antibacterial hernia meshNC State UniversityZiyu WangJessica Gluck
Determination of the Effect of Dyebath Water Quality on Colorimetric Attributes of TextilesNC State UniversitySavannah SchroederRenzo Shamey
Development and characterization of chemically functionalized polydiacetylene nanofiber biosensor to detect SARS-CoV-2Colorado State UniversityAbhishek BhattacharjeeYan Vivian Li
Development and Characterization of Surface Modified Fibrous Polymer Scaffold for Ocular Surface ReconstructionNC State UniversityNasif MahmoodJessica Gluck
Electrospun carbon nanotube-based electroconductive scaffolds to mature induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for cardiac tissue engineering applicationsNC State UniversitySuh Hee CookJessica Gluck
Ester-functionalized Nanocellulose for High Strength Hydrophobic Cotton FabricUniversity of CA-DavisMengzhe GuoYou-Lo Hsieh
Fabrication of a textile-based scaffold from novel tropoelastin-collagen electrospun yarn for skin tissue engineeringNC State UniversityDaxian ZhaMartin King
Formulating Defeatable Adhesives to enable Design for Disassembly in ManufacturingCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityHannah DudiakPhilip Costanzo
In vitro cell response to a novel textile/hydrogel composite vascular graft prototype for coronary artery bypass surgeryNC State UniversityFan ZhangMartin King
Minimizing Surface Tension to Isolate Hydrogen Bonding Effects on Polymer Solutions for Processing via ElectrospinningGeorgia Institute of TechnologyHaley CarrolBlair Brettmann
Recycling denim waste fabrics for nanocellulose extraction and application in functional packaging filmsWashington State UniversityDan LiangHang Liu
Recycling of Waste Cotton Textiles via Separation and Reuse of Dyes and Regeneration of Cellulose FibersUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnYuanyi ShaoYiqi Yang
Spinning Cellulose Nanofiber into Fiber FilamentsUniversity of Texas-AustinSophia JacksonJonathan Chen
Sustainable biodegradable solutions for thermal regulation in textiles from nanocellulose aerogelsUniversity of GeorgiaAnuradhi LiyanapathiranageSuraj Sharma
The Development of Smart Clothing for Sensing Via 3D PrintingWashington State UniversityZihui ZhaoHang Liu
Wireless surveillance system for post stent-graft deploymentNC State UniversityXiaoqi TangMartin King

Click here for summary reports of projects funded in 2021 . The application period for 2023 funding will open in June 2022 and close October 15.

To be connected with the student or faculty advisor for a project, contact Diana Wyman (diana@aatcc.org), AATCC Foundation.

To support future research, donate to AATCC Foundation at www.aatcc.org/foundation.

About AATCC Foundation: The AATCC Foundation Inc was founded in May 1997 to further the charitable mission of AATCC. The foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and is classified by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Media Contact: Diana Wyman, AATCC Foundation President; +1.919.549.3532; diana@aatcc.org

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