Debra HibbardDecember 19, 2019 Foundation Newsletter


Applications for four scholarships due February 15, 2020!

All other scholarship and Fellowship applications due March 31.

See ALL AATCC scholarships, fellowships, and grants here

“Going after scholarships is living a few years of your life like most students won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most students can’t…with no or very few student loans.”

— Gabrielle McCormick




Thank You to Contributors

Someone once said that whatever we possess doubles in value when we share it with others. As I review this year’s contributions to AATCC Foundation, I know that this to be true. So I’m writing you this brief note to express my thanks, our thanks, to you for your donations made during 2019.  (See our donors here.)

Diana Wyman, President
AATCC Foundation

All scholarships are processed by AATCC Foundation Inc. Scholarship recipients receive half of the award for the fall semester, and half for the spring semester. Additional information and applications for these scholarships can be found on the AATCC Foundation Scholarships and Grants website  or contact Debra Hibbard

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