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News on the people and programs that contribute to the mission of the AATCC Foundation can be found here.

Thank You to our Contributors (December 19, 2019)
Textile Scholarships Available for 2020 (November 27, 2019)
Amazon Smile – Shop and Give (November 21, 2019)
What do TEXTILE SCIENCE and FIBROUS MATERIALS mean to ERIN ROBERTS? (October 31, 2019)
What is the AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Campaign? (October 3, 2019)
Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships Available in 2019 (December 2018)
Announcing AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Campaign (December 2018)
Summer Newsletter – Meet the 2018 Scholars! (July 2018)
Foundation Scholarships Available (March 2018)
Foundation C.H. Stone Scholarship Applications Due (February 2018)
Foundation Announces 2018 Scholarships (January 2018)
Foundation & AmazonSmile (November 2017)
Foundation Contributions (November 2017)
Foundation Brick Campaign (September 2017)
AATCC Foundation Summer News (June 2017)
AATCC Foundation Newsletter (January 2017)
The Foundation Introduces our 2016 Scholars (Summer 2016 ENewsltr)
AATCC Scholars Receive Free Membership (6/2015 Found. ENewsltr)
Meet Some of Our New AATCC Foundation Scholars (6/2015 Found. ENewsltr)
CSI Scholarship Recipient Thank You (6/2014 Found. E-Newsltr)
Engineering, Design & Chemistry Scholarships Awarded 2014 (6/2014 Found. E-Newsltr)
Charles H. Stone Scholarship Recipients – 2014 (6/2014 Foundation E-Newsltr)
Student Scholarships & Awards (Jan/Feb 2013 AATCC Review)
Student Research Project Report (Nov/Dec 2012 AATCC Review)
C. H. Stone Scholarship/Res. Support Grant Rep (Jul/Aug 2012 AATCC Review)
Research Grants/Grant Project Report (Jan/Feb 2012 AATCC Review)
Funded Research Complete (Nov/Dec 2011 AATCC Review)
Additional Scholarship Winner/Letter (Sept/Oct 2011 AATCC Review)
Foundation Awards $13,000+ (July/August 2011 AATCC Review)
Foundation Supports Student Research (Jan/Feb 2011 AATCC Review)
Foundation Grant Supports Nanoparticle Research (Nov/Dec 2010 AATCC Review)
Stone Scholarship Increases (Sept/Oct 2010 AATCC Review)
Scholarship Recipients Announced (July/Aug 2010 AATCC Review)
Student Research Grants Awarded
(Jan/Feb 2010 AATCC Review)
Thank You to our Foundation Contributors (11/09 AATCC Review)
Stone Scholars Named (10/09 AATCC Review)
Letters from Student Scholarship Recipients (08/09 AATCC Review)
Foundation Grant Allows Study of Fabric UPF  (07/09 AATCC Review)
Outstanding Student Research Proposals Funded by AATCC Foundation and ITT (06/09 AATCC Review)
Stone Scholars Share Experiences and Aspirations (05/09 AATCC Review)
Announcing AATCC Foundation/Institute of Textile Technology Undergraduate Research Program (12/08 AATCC Review)
Scholarships Support Textile Research  (08/08 AATCC Review)
Letters from Scholarship Recipients   (05/08 AATCC Review)
Gavin Family Helps Build Shelby Engineering Center at Auburn University (5/08 AATCC Review)
Grants Support Textile Research (3/08 AATCC Review)
Student Research Support Grant Program
(2/08 AATCC Review)
Walkway Dedication (1/08 AATCC Review)
AATCC Foundation Awards First Gavin Family Scholarship (11/07 AATCC Review)
William R. Martin Jr. Walkway– Bricks Mark Contribution to Textile Education
(10/07 AATCC Review)
AATCC Foundation and Piedmont Section Partner to Award Eight Scholarships to Outstanding    Textile Students
(9/07 AATCC Review)
Honoring William R. Martin’s Contribution to Excellence (2/07 AATCC Review)
Charles E. Gavin Establishes Scholarship Fund (1/07 AATCC Review)
Piedmont Section and AATCC Foundation Work Together to Promote Textile Education
(10/06 AATCC Review)
AATCC Foundation Provides Student Research Support Grants
(8/06 AATCC Review)